Old Town: Ladakh Travel Guide


Set in the beautiful Leh, Old Town is a place which is home to old mud-brick houses and stupas. Underneath these houses and stupas are winding alleys and stairways which form the star attraction of this place. Apart from the 200 mud houses, the old town also has some Buddhist temples and mosques. By visiting any of the places in the old town, one can have a look at the Tibetan and Asian architecture which forms an influence.

Old town is locally known as ‘Skyanos Gogsum’. Stalam, Kharyok, Lobding, and Maney Khang are some major areas of the Old town. The place has some important historical buildings such as Jama Masjid, Leh Palace, Namgyal Tsemo Monastery and also the first cinema hall of Leh. The place is well-known as an integral historic Tibet-Himalayan urban settlement.

Group walking tours are organized every week which take all the members through this beautiful place. The tours cover historical buildings of the old town which deserve a must-visit.

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