Things to Carry for Your Ladakh Winter Trip 2022


Walking over the frozen lake, playing ice hockey, being a part of the Ladakhi Festivals, and much more! Winters are magical in Ladakh. However, numerous travelers are skeptical about traveling to Ladakh in winter, but somehow it is not accurate to say. The whole theory is simple if you don't go, you won't know. If you are aware of where to tour and what things to carry for the Ladakh winter trip, then for sure you can make your journey smooth and safe along the way.

Solely envision yourself up on the high altitude mountain, gazing over this striking snow-covered landscape, crystal clear sky, and other beautiful arid lands. You are so delighted that you elect to visit Ladakh in winter to get up in the morning with a stunning spectacle. You start unpacking your essentials, setting up your plans, and then taking your things out to repose for the day. That's a moment you notice that you forgot your hand gloves or forgot your thermals! Just imagine how you would feel when you get stuck in such a dilemma.

Well, nothing to worry about! Straight from the essential things to carry for the Ladakh winter trip, which can make great differences when you are on a Ladakh trip, especially in winters. Sit back, relax and only think about what you want for your Ladakh trip in Winter, you need not to worry about things to carry in your knapsack!

Here is the checklist for things to carry while traveling to Ladakh in winter


No matter what the season is, proper documentation is a must thing, which is required while traveling to Ladakh. To enjoy a hassle-free Ladakh trip in winter must carry all your documents including Government issued identity proofs and the inner line permit as well.

Clothing Items

Wearing a bulky jacket or any other heavy woolen clothes is not a better idea to escape the chilly cold of Ladakh especially in winters. Ladakh experiences extreme cold and sometimes temperatures may fall to -30 degrees Celsius at night. The key here is the 'layered clothing', a way of dressing using many garments that are worn on top of each other. Well, it is one of the good ways to stay warm. Check out the list below to know more about the clothing items to carry on your Ladakh winter trip.


Thermal is of the utmost item, which is important to keep. It will keep your body well-insulated from the biting cold and will also help on an outing or while sleeping at night.


Do carry this essential clothing item to keep your lower body warm. Jeans can be layered over the lower, which will keep your body extra warm.


To tolerate the freezing breezes of the region, your jacket will play a crucial role. It is good to carry a fabric jacket, also called a windcheater, which will resist wind chill. It is usually lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Jackets or windcheaters can easily go with tee-shirts, tops, and even over thermals. It is good to carry a jacket with a hood, which will not only protect you from cold but will also make you look trendy.

Monkey Cap

Ivt may sound funny, but it is one of the must and basic items to carry on your Ladakh winter trip. It is the best way to escape from the chilly colds, your jacket's hood will only cover your head but the money cap will cover your face and neck except for your eyes. If you want you can also carry a muffler, which is a stylish and handy clothing item.


This convenient item is a must thing to carry on your Ladakh winter trip. To protect your fingers from getting frozen a pair of heated gloves are a must for a winter trip to Ladakh. You may buy waterproof or skiing gloves, which are fluffy from inside and quickly warm your palm.

Shoes and socks

If you want to keep your feet safe while walking on ice carry a good pair of trekking shoes or ankle-length shoes, which are best for winters in Ladakh. You can buy good quality tried and tested shoes at a reasonable price from the market.

Wearing any shoe is incomplete without wearing a pair of socks. On your Ladakh winter trip carry warm woolen socks to keep your feet warm and cozy. You can buy locally made or hand-woven socks, as they are quite warm.


The daytimes during the winter in Ladakh are often bright. And the sun rays falling on the white blanket of snow may glare at your eyes. So, to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of sun keep a good quality of sunglasses with you. Apart from that, the sunglass will also protect your eyes from the fast blowing chilly winds.


Carry a common first aid kit and doctor-recommended medicines for headache, allergy, muscle pain, or stomach pain to use in case of emergency. To dodge acute mountain sickness, you may carry Diamox, but know that Diamox is a precautionary medicine and not a complete cure. You can also carry muscle-pain relief ointment to heal muscle strains. If you are suffering from any major ailment, then it is recommended to consult with your doctor before touring Ladakh. Do not forget to carry hand sanitizers.

Skin Care

To protect yourself from UV rays and direct sunlight, especially while traveling to a high altitude zone like Ladakh, where the intensity of sun rays is more scorching. It is recommended to carry sunscreens with SPF 70 or more to avoid sunburns. The dry wind may also harm your lips and face, so it is wise to carry a good quality lip balm and deep skin moisturizer.


Some places in Ladakh are well-equipped modern-day amenities like an ATM, however, in few remote areas in Ladakh, you may find a lack of conveniences. And relying on it completely would be a huge mistake, so it is suggested to carry enough cash with you so that you can fulfill your need at the same time.

Spare Batteries

Did you know? Batteries get quickly exhausted in cold weather. So it is wise to carry extra batteries or spare batteries for your electronic gadget like cameras to enjoy a hassle-free trip. You can also carry power banks to charge your mobile phones.

  • Other Items
  • Toilet paper
  • Spare mobile
  • Emergency numbers
  • Torch
  • Rope
  • Packed food

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