How to Rent a Bike in Srinagar


How to rent a bike in Srinagar? Is renting a bike in Srinagar a good option? What all bike options are available in Srinagar? These are a few questions that people often ask others to know and understand how they can start their bike trip to Ladakh from Srinagar. If they even can or not is also a big question here.

Ladakh is the land of beautiful attractions and has a plethora of adventure activities on offer. But for those who take a trip to the land of high passes on a bike, enjoy it the most because it is one of the best adventure activities on offer. Riders from different parts of the country eagerly visit here during the summer season when the entire Leh Ladakh circuit is opened for tourists by road.

If you too are planning on visiting Leh Ladakh on a bike trip, renting one from Srinagar is also a good option. Though there is a drawback of doing so, the Ladakh Riding Community has now barred the use of Srinagar-hired bikes further from Leh. This makes it difficult to go further from Leh towards Nubra and Pangong. Nevertheless, it is absolutely amazing to ride from Srinagar to Ladakh.

Here is a complete guide with all the key information on "Bike Rental in Srinagar"

Which bike is the best for Leh Ladakh Road Trip?

Ladakh is one of the toughest and challenging places to ride on. With high altitude passes and challenging roads, the might of Ladakh is exceptional and amusing for riders. Though people from all the corners of India complete this circuit but the many inclines towards completing the Leh Ladakh bike trip from Srinagar. This takes off the extra fatigue and keeps the real adventure intact. So, those who wish to rent a bike from Srinagar for the Leh Ladakh tour can opt for any of the below-listed options. With a powerful engine, they are also known for giving a decent mileage, having a good fuel tank, and a strong and sturdy body.

  • Royal Enfield Classic 350
  • Royal Enfield 500
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan
  • KTM Duke 250
  • KTM Duke 390
  • KTM Duke 250 Adventure
  • Bajaj Dominar 250
  • Bajaj Dominar 400
  • Bajaj Avenger Street 220
  • TVS Apache 180 4v
  • TVS Apache 200 4v

It doesn’t mean any other bike is not capable of taking the challenge offered by the trail but these have a lot of advantages over the others. They are fit for the trail and are easy to mend during a breakdown.

The procedure to rent a bike in Srinagar

There is no extensive procedure to hire a bike in Srinagar. It is very easy and quick. All you need to do is present all the documents necessary and give the protection amount to the person. Inspect the bike and choose your type from cruising to hyper naked whatever on offer.

Cost of renting a bike in Srinagar

Usually, the rate card is between 800INR to 2000 INR per day depending upon the bike and the rates are subject to change before any prior intimation. Either check on the official website of the renting company or talk to them face to face. There are some places where the renting company keeps the original license of the person and returns it when they return the bike and some just take a photocopy and return the original license on the spot. So renting a bike in Srinagar is also an option that can open up the gateway to heaven.

What to check before renting a bike for Ladakh trip?

It is always advised that the person who rents the bike should always inspect before hiring one. There are a lot of things that the rider should check before leaving the company. Before you rent a bike in Srinagar here are the things that should be checked.

  • Engine oil level in the bike.
  • Clutch and brake wires and their lubrication.
  • Brake pads (Front and back both)
  • The condition of the tires.
  • Condition of the chain including the lubrication.
  • Any unpleasant sound that the bike is making on the throttle or while riding.
  • Bring every small scratch or dent in light to the company manager so that you don’t have to pay for any damage.

Things you must carry during a Leh Ladakh bike trip

There are a lot of things that one must carry before leaving for Ladakh but the most important of them all is:

  • Important documents including your license and Adhaar Card.
  • Ask for the riding gears including a good helmet, riding jacket, elbow guards, and knee guards; to be the least.
  • Keep all the documents you get while hiring a bike in Srinagar for your Ladakh tour. Also, get it photocopied multiple times as you will have to present them at several checkpoints such as Kargil.

General Travel Tips for Leh Ladakh

  • One must check the bike condition before renting.
  • Do a background check on the bike renting company to know how they treat their customers.
  • Do ask for any hidden charges if any and also for the charges in case of a breakdown.
  • Do ask for riding gears with the bike for complete protection. It is always better to carry your gears or the riding jacket at least because riding jackets are usually not offered by the renting companies.
  • Ensure the tires and brakes are in optimum condition so that the person riding is not left stranded at any place.
  • Ask for the chain lubricant and engine oil in spare, for ‘just in case moments.
  • Carry chocolates, a water bottle, some snacks, and medicines before leaving Srinagar.
  • Take halts at places to acclimatize according to the changing temperature, atmospheric pressure, and oxygen.
  • Keep all your documents in the backpack and get their multiple photocopies.
  • One can hire a bike from Leh also, to go to the other destinations around the region.
  • Do keep a puncture kit because there are a lot of areas where pointed stones are present and they can easily puncture the bike. So being on the safer side is always going to be fruitful.
  • Keep a written map in the backpack so that even when the networks are off, the maps can be used to track the right path.

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