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With scenic beauty, panoramic view, and a plethora of wonderful places to visit, Ladakh is all about nature at its best. Even before Bollywood and other big channels went to this place, Ladakh was already an “explorer’s hub.” One of the major problems was accommodation in Ladakh which has now been adhered to by the locals. Visited by thousands of travelers and families every year the increasing tourism in the newly made union territory over the year became extensive and steered not only the locals but the national and state government to work on various things. Surely, Ladakh was a bit slow on the uptake but over the past few years, their hospitality sector has done a lot of catching up to satiate the ever-growing crowd of travelers and families coming to visit the place. Compared to a few years ago, every traveler had to research a lot on “where to stay in Ladakh” because it is not just for spending a night but at places like Kargil and Leh, it is always preferred to stay for a day or two so that one’s body gets acclimatized to the altitude and they face no problems moving forward.

From homestays to hostels to luxury hotels, one can find a lot of options when it comes to the best places for staying in Leh Ladakh. Over time, people have come up with several new and refreshing novels to accommodate people in the cities. Leh being the midpoint of the entire journey and also the capital city of Ladakh now, has a bit more options for people. That is the reason why Leh has some of the best stay options in Ladakh. Also, to reach the offbeat spots of Nubra Valley and Zanskar Valley one has to cross the 18000+ ft. high majestic Khardung La. The sudden gain in altitude can be a bit problematic and at times fatal for people if their body is not adjusted to the atmospheric pressure and lesser oxygen availability. Those who are planning on a trip to this magnificent place can find their comfort in any of the below-listed hotels. All these hotels, hostels, camps, and resorts will easily eliminate your concern of “where to stay in Ladakh.”

Places to stay in Kargil

Kargil is one of the regions of Ladakh and a popular one. There are several tourist attractions in Kargil that have kept on luring people to visit here. From travelers to patriotic people to the family on vacation, everyone loves to spend some time in Kargil. To accommodate people there are all types of accommodations available in this region of Leh Ladakh. Here are few top-notch accommodations in Kargil.

Nun-Kun Residency

Those traveling with family can stay at this hotel in Kargil as this is one of the budget hotels of the town. Keeping in mind the altitude and restrictions of construction this hotel offers a lot of things to the visitors. This 3-star hotel has a terrace so that the people can take a stroll while relaxing. The hotel has comfortable and spacious rooms, an ATM in the vicinity, private parking, free WiFi, and a mountain-view balcony. While staying here, guests can enjoy buffet breakfast, continental, and various Chinese cuisines.

Capital O 44536 Hotel Pc Palace

Located in the main bazaar road, Khomini Chowk; Capital O 44536 Hotel Pc Palace is a wonderful luxury hotel in Kargil. There are 5 different room options available in the hotel making it an ideal place for everyone right from a solo traveler to the family goers. Keeping safety in mind, all the staff members regularly sanitize the rooms and the entire vicinity of the hotel. Even if you travel here amidst the pandemic, rest assure because your safety is their priority.

TIH The Highland Mountain Resort & Spa

People who look for luxury hotels at every destination can choose to stay at the Highland Mountain Resort & Spa. From offering a shuttle service to the airport to a garden for evening snacks and tea; Mountain Resort & Spa offers tons of amusing activities and a view of the surrounding. Owing to the beautiful landscape, the resort offers a mesmerizing 360-degrees view from the resort. This is one place that will take away your concern of “where to stay in Ladakh”, especially Kargil. So while staying in Mountain resort, indulge yourself in a game of ping pong with the other guests.

Places to stay in Leh

Being the capital city and the resting point of almost all travelers, Leh has some of the best hotels to stay in Ladakh with family. Some of the top-notch options include:

The Apricot Tree

If mesmerizing sight is what you want even when you peek out of your window then “The Apricot Tree” is known for that and much more. Situated on a cliff overlooking the Indus Rivers, Apricot Tree is eventually one of the best luxury hotels in Ladakh. Apricot Tree is a true escape for families and travelers due to the view it offers while you sip a cup of coffee sitting in front of your room’s window. The hotel flaunts wooden work, Buddist paintings, and a calm environment to peacefully relax. All the rooms of the hotel are large flaunting private balconies and one can savor the tasty Ladakhi food here. If staying here for a long time, do enroll yourself in the learning activities because the cook can tea you how to make butter tea. There are several trekking routes that start from this hotel and can be enjoyed by people. One can also indulge in white-water rafting in the Indus River flowing at the backdrop of the hotel. With all these and many more, Apricot Tree also serves as one of the best hotels in Leh for couples. As an add-on, Alchi and Lamayuru monastery is in proximity.

The Nimmu House

The Nimmu House is the perfect accommodation in Ladakh for people who wish to indulge in cultural and wellness activities during their stay in the city. Nimmu House is a beautifully constructed and managed eco-resort that is perched on 10,000 ft. in the traditional village of Nimmoo. This is a bit secluded and about 45 km away from the city of Leh. Those searching where to stay in Ladakh can pre-book their rooms at this magnificent place. It offers an extensive range of rooms and tents to travelers or visitors. The available options make it appropriate for everyone starting from solo travelers to family people. The rooms and tents are quite comfortable and make a good staying option for guests. Apart from the stay, one can also opt for several other activities offered by the hotel such as wellness activities including meditation that would recharge your body and provide peace. There are several outdoor activities as well including trekking on trails that are safe even for kids.

Stok Palace

Built in 1820 by the king of the Namgyal Dynasty, Stok Palace is a wonderful adobe of their remains and is now converted as a luxurious hotel for people to stay in. All the rooms in the palace are well-organized and decorated. Stok Palace also has a fantastic museum that’s open to the public. Right from the exotic rooms to the wonderful view from the balcony; every detail of this palace cum resort is wonderful. All these elements together make it one of the best luxury camps and hotels in Leh Ladakh. Though it has no restaurants but you will get delicious Ladakhi cuisines at your door whenever ordered. Apart from that, one can also enjoy Indian and Tibetan dishes when here. The setup and location of the palace makes it one of the best hotels in Leh for couples

Bharat Hotel and Guest House

All types of accommodations are available in Leh Ladakh so those who are looking for a budget stay can opt for Bharat Hotel and Guest House. Approximately 1 km from the main bazaar this budget hotel features a lot of things right from private parking to have a restaurant. One can enjoy a stroll in the garden and a terrace view of the surrounding environment. The Shanti Stupa and Soma Gompa are also in proximity to the hotel so one can simply take a walk to these places, enjoy their time, and come back. There is a shared kitchen, free WiFi, and the availability of currency exchange in the hotel premises. All the rooms available in the hotel are deluxe double rooms with twin beds facility making it a perfect stay for people with their family.

The Grand Dragon Ladakh

One of the best hotels to stay in Ladakh with family and probably one of the most luxurious of them all is the Grand Dragon Ladakh which is an approximately 10-minute walk from the Leh market as well as the Leh Palace. The location of the resort is quite serene and popular for the surrounding mountains and cold desert. If the guests demand a bonfire, the hotel can arrange for that as well. The Grand Dragon Ladakh is a luxurious hotel that can make your trip to the land of high passes even more memorable and fascinating.

Places to stay in Nubra Valley

From homestays to a few campsites, one can find just a handful of places to stay in the Nubra Valley. Make sure you book it as soon as you reach there and surely before going out for a photo session. If you are visiting during Summers, due to the crowd, finding a place here can be difficult.

Places to stay in Zanskar Valley

When visiting the secluded and remote Zanskar Valley, "where to stay" in the region becomes a bit difficult. Though there are a few places nearby but in Zanskar Valley, it is difficult to find any accommodation.

Best time to visit

Though Ladakh is traveled by people throughout the year but the best time to be here is during summers. From the end of May to mid of September is the ideal time to visit here. All the roads to Leh are cleared during this time and people on a road trip to Ladakh.

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