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Festivals in Ladakh

Perhaps there is no better time to tour Ladakh region then during the festive season. Ladakh comes alive during festivals, when people from different corners of Ladakh converge at one place to celebrate and enjoy the festive spirit. Festivals are in fact the best way to get a feel of the Ladakhi culture.

Dive into the heart of Ladakh's culture by experiencing its vibrant festivals celebrated in Ladakh. Each event showcases traditional music, dance, and rituals unique to this stunning region, from the grand Hemis Festival and Ladakh Harvest Festival to the colorful Ladakh Festival. Our guide provides comprehensive details on festival dates, venues, and what to expect, making planning your visit around these lively celebrations easier. Embrace the spirit of Ladakh and create memories that will last a lifetime.

When you choose to book a package with Leh Ladakh India, you're not just securing a seat at these incredible festivals. You're also ensuring that every aspect of your journey, from exclusive access to prime festival spots, curated itineraries, and expert local guidance, is handled. We're here to ensure you can fully immerse yourself in the cultural festivities without any worries.

Ready to participate in these unforgettable celebrations? Start your journey into Ladakh's Festivals today and plan your cultural adventure. The lively colors, the rhythmic music, and the warm smiles of the locals are waiting for you.


Stongdey Gustor Festival

Venue: Stongdey (Zanskar)

Start Date: 23rd June 2024   End Date: 24th June 2024


Karsha Gustor Festival

Venue: Karsha (Zanskar)

Start Date: 3rd July 2024   End Date: 4th July 2024


Phyang Tsedup Festival

Venue: Phyang Monastery

Start Date: 3rd July 2024   End Date: 4th July 2024


Ladakh Polo Festival

Venue: Shagaran, Chushot Gongma

Start Date: 11th July 2024   End Date: 17th July 2024


Ladakh Festival

Venue: Leh City

Start Date: 1st September 2024   End Date: 15th September 2024


Deskit Gustor Festival

Venue: Diskit Monastery

Start Date: 30th October 2024   End Date: 31st October 2024


Thiksey Gustor Festival

Venue: Thiksey Monastery

Start Date: 18th November 2024   End Date: 19th November 2024


Chemday Wangchok Festival

Venue: Chemray Monastery

Start Date: 21st November 2024   End Date: 22nd November 2024

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