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Nubra Valley is among the popular tourist destinations in Ladakh. Thousands of people visit every year to explore this fantastic destination's beauty. As the number of people visiting Nubra Valley increased year after year, the facilities available in the region also started to improve.

Nubra Valley has many stay options, including hotels, guest houses, homestays, Swiss Tents, and camps. There are several offbeat places in the Nubra Valley where you can find places to stay, such as Turtuk, Sumur Village, and Panamik. Those planning to go to Nubra Valley can book the accommodation in advance and enjoy comfortable stays. However, if you book your travel with Leh Ladakh India, you don’t have to fret over accommodations. Our team of experts will look after your requirements and design the package according to your tastes, providing you with a worry-free Ladakh holiday. Still, look at the list of Nubra Valley hotels & resorts below, which caters from budget to luxury hotels in Nubra Valley.

List of Popular Hotels in Nubra Valley for a cosy stay

Best Camps in Nubra Valley Camps  Cost/Night
Weeping Willow Camp, Nubra Delight Camp, Himalayan Eco Resort
INR 2200 - INR 4500 Approx.
Turtuk Buckwheat Root Camp INR 3000 - INR 4000 Approx.
Sumur Mystique Meadows Swiss Cottage Camps, Silk Route Cottages INR 1800- INR 4000 Approx.
Diskit Chamba Camp Diskit INR 1800- INR 4000 Approx.

Best place for a stay in Nubra Valley

Here is the list of prominent tourist places in Nubra Valley, which will quickly answer your question about where to stay in Nubra Valley.

Hunder: Popular for the dunes, Hunder is located on the bank of Shyok River in the Nubra Valley. This tourist destination is renowned for the Bactrian Camels or Double Humped Camels. You can find decent and low-cost accommodation options here with the basic amenities and the luxury tents equipped with modern amenities.

Diskit: This is the major town and the headquarters of Nubra Valley, and it is renowned for the Diskit Monastery. Diskit has many guest houses and homestay options. If you are looking for affordable places to stay in Nubra Valley, then Diskit is an amazing destination to take a night halt. The accommodations are comfortable and within your budget.

Turtuk: A tiny hamlet flanked by Nubra on one side and Baltistan on the other. Situated on the Shyok River's bank, Turtuk is Pakistan's last northernmost village. Many affordable and cheap accommodation options exist, such as guesthouses and homestays. You can also find tented accommodation options equipped with modern amenities here.

Sumur Village: This quaint village is nestled in the lap of the Trans Himalayas. This is a popular place among hikers and backpackers. Sumur Village is nestled on the bank of the confluence of the Nubra and Shyok Rivers. The accommodation options available in Sumur Village are basic and luxurious in both types. There are a few homestays and guest houses that are affordable and budget-friendly. However, you can also stay in a luxury resort with all the modern amenities.

Panamik Village: This small, sleepy village is a final frontier village of India near the Indo-Chinese border. Panamik is a scenic hamlet near the Siachen Glacier, famous for its hot springs. Accommodation options in Panamik are limited to some guesthouses and homestays, which provide basic facilities and are barely equipped with luxuries. Food options are also limited in this village to the meals you will get in the guesthouses and homestays.

Best Camps in Nubra Valley

In Nubra Valley, you will find several camping options and tented accommodations. They are lovely staying options and the perfect place to enjoy the vacation amidst serene nature while enjoying the luxuries. Some of the best camping options in Nubra Valley are:

Best Camp in Hunder

Weeping Willow Camp: Located in the lap of the mighty Himalayas in Hunder Village of Nubra Valley, Weeping Willow Camp is a perfect Swiss Cottage tent in Hunder. This eco-friendly resort is located amidst the willow plantations and houses 10 independent cottages where you can enjoy your trip to Nubra Valley.

With the backdrop of holy Chamba Hills, Weeping Willow features an attached bathroom, seating area, and in-house restaurant. It serves a buffet breakfast. Private parking can also be arranged at extra charges.

Himalayan Eco Resort: Nestled on the bank of the Shyok River, Himalayan Eco Resort is an eco-friendly resort comprising 20 luxury cottages equipped with modern amenities and luxuries. From your rooms, you can enjoy an enchanting view of the snow-clad mountains and fresh mountain air.

The elegant and luxurious rooms make your stay comfortable and reminiscent. The restaurant of the Himalayan Eco Resort serves scrumptious cuisines that can satiate the guests' taste buds.

Best Camp in Turtuk

Buckwheat Root Camp: One of the best camping sites in Nubra Valley, Buckwheat Root Camp is located in the offbeat tourist destination of Turtuk Village near the Shyok River. This camp features a garden view and river view and is nestled amidst lush greenery. The tents are equipped with important facilities and amenities. You can enjoy the surroundings and have a panoramic view of the camp.

Best Camp in Sumur

Mystique Meadows Swiss Cottage Camps: These tented camps are encompassed by lush greenery and feature attached bathrooms equipped with showers. They offer heating facilities and 24-hour front desks to assist guests. They also provide car rental facilities, luggage storage, and laundry facilities. They have an in-house restaurant that serves regional, Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines.

Silk Route Cottages: It is located in the Sumur Village of the Nubra Valley. This is a popular place for couples, families, and friends to stay in Nubra Valley. Even solo travelers can stay here and enjoy the time in peace.

The rooms are well-equipped with modern facilities. The food they serve in the restaurant is prepared from vegetables grown in an organic garden. There are a total of 14 bamboo cottages and 5 tents. They serve sumptuous delicacies of Indian, Tibetan, Continental, Chinese, and Ladakhi Cuisine in their restaurant.

Homestays and Guest Houses in Nubra Valley

There are a plethora of guest houses and homestays in Nubra Valley, which are among the best options for staying. You can find a wide range of accommodation, and these are affordable ones that offer basic facilities and comfortable stays.

Best Guest Houses in Diskit

Olthang Guest House: Situated 2 km from Diskit Monastery, Olthang Guest House is equipped with basic amenities and facilities. It houses 21 well-maintained rooms with attached bathrooms. You can enjoy free parking, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour desk assistance, luggage storage, scrumptious food, and all the basic comforts. You can spend time in the lush green garden and enjoy the panoramic view of the Nubra Valley.

Sonam Guest House: Nestled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, it is the best guest house in the Nubra Valley. The rooms in the Sonam Guest House, Nubra, are equipped with important facilities and amenities to offer a comfortable stay to the guests. The rooms have attached toilets, 24-hour running cold and hot water, and free Wi-Fi services. The warm hospitality of the guest house makes your trip memorable with family and friends.

Best Guest Houses in Hunder

Snow Leopard Guest House: Located within walking distance of Hunder Sand Dunes, Snow Leopard Guest House is an amazing place to stay for those who are looking for budget accommodation in Hunder. They offer various facilities like room service, parking, taxi service, and a doctor on call.

The spacious lawn of the guest house is a perfect place to relax and have a cup of tea/ coffee with your loved ones. The rooms are well-lit, spacious, clean, and airy. The warm hospitality of the hosts makes the tour memorable.

Best Guest Houses in Sumur

K-Sar Guest House: Enjoy an unparalleled view of the surroundings from your rooms in the Sumur Village. It is a warm place to stay in Nubra Valley with your family and friends. It is located within walking distance of the main market of Sumur.

This is an affordable accommodation option from where you can enjoy the majestic view of the valley. The neat and spacious rooms of the guest house make your stay comfortable.

Best Guest Houses in Panamik

Nebula Guest House: It has basic amenities, and you can enjoy the host's warm hospitality. This is an affordable option for staying in Panamik. This is a peaceful and comfortable place to rest for a night in Panamik Village of Nubra Valley. They serve tasty food you can savor while enjoying the breathtaking view of the snow-clad mountains.

Best Guest Houses in Turtuk

Maha Guest House: Situated 2 km from the bus stand of Turtuk, this Guest House offers value-for-money accommodation. It houses 5 spacious rooms equipped with basic amenities and all the conveniences, including an attached bathroom with hot/ cold water. The guest house also provides a parking facility, room service, and a 24-hour help desk. From the guest house, you can enjoy scenic vistas of the valley.

Top Hotels and Resorts in Nubra Valley

This option is popular among families and honeymooners. Couples, solo travelers, and friends can also stay here to enjoy leisure vacations. The hotels and resorts of Nubra Valley are well equipped with modern amenities and world-class facilities that make the experience of this remote place exquisite.

Hotels in Diskit

Hotel Stendel: The resort offers ample conveniences, including a doctor on call, laundry service, a travel desk, parking, power backup, and room services. Its in-house restaurant serves lip-smacking cuisine. It is an amazing place to stay in Diskit and enjoy leisure vacations with your loved ones.

Hotels in Hunder

Hunder Sarai Resort: Located amidst barren, cold snow mountains and near sand dunes, Hunder Sarai Resort is the best place to stay in Hunder. This Hunder resort is also considered one of the best hotels in Nubra Valley. It treats the guests with warm Ladakhi hospitality and serves scrumptious local cuisine. Offering a staggering view of the snow-capped Himalayas from the rooms, Hunder Sarai Resort also provides cycles and bikes on rent. The warm and comfortable rooms of the resort make your stay memorable.

Hotels in Sumur

Nubra Ecolodge: It is a family-run resort to promote ecotourism in the valley. Nubra Ecolodge houses three guest rooms, five spacious and well-appointed cottages, and four large safari tents. All the rooms, cottages, and tents have attached bathrooms. You can enjoy a stunning 360-degree view of the Karakoram mountains, the dunes, and the Nubra River from the resort. The menu is the resort's highlight, and the menu includes local Ladakhi dishes.

Hotels in Turtuk

Turtuk Holiday Resort: It offers an enchanting view of the Shyok River and K2 mountain ranges. Set up on a sprawling four acres of land, this resort is a perfect place to stay in Turtuk with family and friends. They offer the finest dining experience to visitors and prepare dishes with local produce. The resort's rooms are decked out with all the facilities and conveniences. You can enjoy a relaxed ambiance amidst the beautiful and serene surroundings.

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