Leh Palace

Leh Palace


Leh Place is also known as Lhachen Palkhar, at least that’s what the locals call it. This is a 17th-century royal palace and one of the best attractions of the union territory. This humongous and royal palace was built by Sengge Namgyal, king of Ladakh.

Currently, the palace is maintained and renovated by the Archeological Survey of India. It is divided into 2 sections, one of which is given to the current prince as their living area, and the rest is turned into a museum. There is a lot of amazing things that are housed inside the Palace.

History of Leh Palace

The amazing Leh Palace which is now turning into ruin was built in the 17th century by then king Sengge Namgyal. The design of the palace highly resembles that of Lhasa Potala Palace. The construction of this palace started in 1553 under the reign of Tsewang Namgyal. The palace was invaded multiple times and the royal family was forced to leave and take shelter in the Stok Palace.

This is a dun-colored 9-story palace that remains astonishing inside out. There is a prayer room, museum, and a beautiful view of the landscape in front of it. If you take a look from the rooftop, you will enjoy the sweeping view of the Zanskar Valley and Leh city.

Leh Palace Architecture

The Leh Palace highly resembles the architecture of Lhasa Potala Palace. This amazing palace that is located in the capital city of Ladakh was built by Tibetan Architects in the medieval period. The structure of the palace is so brilliantly done that it appears grand and modest at the same time. But when you take a closer look at the palace, you won’t find many glassworks or colorful patterns.

The beauty of the palace remains in the intriguing architecture and its simplicity. One thing that cannot be denied about this amazing palace is its architectural detailing. Needless to say, its similarity with the Lhasa palace is something that gave it a lot of traction.

Leh Palace Timings and Charges

For every visitor, the Leh Palace timings are as follows. Before you plan to visit the attraction, make note of these points.

  • The opening hours of Leh Palace is between 7 am and 4 pm
  • Spending 2 hours in and around the palace is enough. You will be able to enjoy every bit of it.
  • The best time to visit Leh Palace is between 9 am and 11 am
  • There is a fee of 100 INR that the visitors have to give during their visit to the Leh Palace.

How to reach Leh Palace

The Leh Palace is a mere 700 m away from the main Leh Market. You can simply take a walk to the palace and enjoy your time there.


FAQs about the Leh Palace

Ans: Yes, if you want to see the past of Ladakh, up close; then you must visit Leh Palace. Moreover, the intriguing architecture and amazing view from the roof make it a must-visit attraction of Ladakh.

Ans: The construction of the Leh Palace Ladakh started in 1553 and was completed by the 17th century.

Ans: The amazing palace was built by King Senge Namgyal. It is a massive 9-story building that is designed in the Tibetan style. It got a lot of traction in terms of architecture because it closely resembles the Lhasa Potala Palace.

Ans: Namgyal Hill Leh, Jammu & Kashmir, is the exact place where Leh Palace is located. It is just 700 m away from the Leh main bazaar.

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