Where and How to Rent an Oxygen Cylinder for Ladakh Trip


Dealing with network problems is a choice but dealing with an oxygen problem is not - especially if you are in a high altitude region like Ladakh. You can’t ignore the importance of oxygen when you are in a terrain whose elevation is 10,000 ft (approx.) above sea level. At such a height above sea level, the atmospheric pressure gradually decreases due to no trees, the primary oxygen source.

Remember that trees have the capability of performing photosynthesis which results in producing oxygen in plains. Ironically, a change in altitude will definitely change your attitude - not in a positive way if you will ignore the importance of an oxygen cylinder for the Ladakh trip. Therefore, considering the importance of oxygen cylinders in Leh Ladakh trip is a wise decision.

Before we delve deep into renting an oxygen cylinder for the Ladakh trip, we must mention here that we are not doctors, and none of our team members comes from a medical background. All the information you will read in this Ladakh travel guide for renting an oxygen cylinder is prepared on the reviews and experiences valuable guests share with us! Bookmarking tips for you is to consider consulting with your family doctor about your medical situation. You must avoid visiting Ladakh on a serious note if you have Asthma, respiratory problems, or similar breathing troubles. Make sure your physician permits you to travel to such a high altitude region like Ladakh.

Does it Mean Traveling to Ladakh is Not Possible Without Oxygen Cylinder?

This is one of the most Google questions on the web regarding planning a Ladakh trip. But honestly, the answer to this depends upon the person who is visiting Ladakh. From endurance to health conditions to what route and transportation mode plays a crucial role in making a selection decision. So predicting if you need an oxygen cylinder is an attempt in vain. However, let us throw you a few refined situations and modes of transport, which beacons the need to consider oxygen cylinder for Ladakh trip.

If You Choose to Arrive Ladakh Via Flight

Tourists travel to Ladakh via two modes of transportation, air, and road. The former is less stressful because it gives you enough time to explore sightseeing places without wasting the days spent on the road when you travel to Ladakh via a flight. The only drawback of air travel is you get less time for acclimatization because you land directly in Leh from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and other cities or towns.

However, this is the suggested way to visit Ladakh if you have time constraints. The best you can do to overcome Acute Mountain Sickness in Ladakh is to acclimatize yourself for 2-3 days inside your accommodation and explore the places at a stone's throw distance. Before you go for higher altitude tourist attractions of Ladakh, make sure you follow this tip.

If You Choose to Arrive Ladakh Via Road

Indeed, absolutely, worth a mention, traveling to Ladakh via motorbike is one of the best life experiences. You are surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, snow-covered backdrops surround you from both sides, lush green valleys welcome you! Apart from all the thrills every biking enthusiast receives on the road journey to Ladakh, when you travel via road, you get enough time to acclimatize yourself at a different halt point. Your body gets used to high altitude drives, and the chances of falling sick due to Acute Mountain Sickness is very rare.

So in What Case, I Would Need an Oxygen Cylinder For Ladakh Tour?

Anything can happen in the extreme foothills of the Himalayas. May God prevent you from taking oxygen cylinders in Ladakh. Having it with you assures you an extra safety level, which will definitely guard you if you need oxygen due to any circumstances.

Can You Provide More Refined Reasons For Renting An Oxygen Cylinder in Ladakh?

When you are above 8,000 ft (approx.), chances of Acute Mountain Sickness increase due to a fall in atmospheric pressure. It becomes challenging to be able to get enough oxygen in each breath. The highest peak in Ladakh, Stok Kangri, is at an elevation of 20,187 ft (approx.) and the pressure of airdrops down at such altitude - if you are not a local living in that region. Though some are affected even at low altitude regions too! In such instances, your body may not have enough endurance to quickly adjust to the new environment.

Moreover, Ladakh is a region of adventures, basically trekking, mountain biking. Even most of the monasteries in Ladakh require hiking to reach. So, when sightseeing and hiking paired with low oxygen, problems arise, including nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, and ofcourse, breathing!

Shall I Rent Oxygen Cylinder From My Hometown or Rent it From Ladakh?

You have both the options at your convenience - either you carry an oxygen cylinder from your hometown or purchase it from Ladakh. But keep in mind that you can’t carry an oxygen cylinder from your hometown in flight due to tripping hazards. You can carry it in your own vehicle - be it be on a motorbike and car. But make sure space for people and luggage won’t become a concern. Plan the number of travelers and luggage capacity accordingly.

The Benefit of Carrying from Home: You will need to pay on an everyday basis, which is comparatively less costly in comparatively renting from Ladakh.

The Drawback of Carrying from Home: The only drawback of carrying an oxygen cylinder for a Ladakh trip is if you actually don’t need it, taking it would be an unnecessary hassle, and you need to pay the rent as well.

What If I Want to Rent an Oxygen Cylinder Within Ladakh?

Yes! You can rent an oxygen cylinder within Ladakh. As per our assumptions, we assumed that you are asking for the places in Ladakh where it is easy to rent an oxygen cylinder. Coming to the point, Ladakh is a vastly remote place, and the town of Leh is the only place to rent an oxygen cylinder in Ladakh. The reason why you will be guaranteed to find an oxygen cylinder is its the capital of Ladakh, and the only operational airport - Kushok Bakula Rimpochee, is situated there. Thus, to eliminate Acute Mountain Sickness, India's government has taken preventive measures for the tourists.

Apart from Leh, we don’t assure you will find an oxygen cylinder. However, the beautiful Nubra Valley, the double-humped Bactrian camel's valley, has a village named Diskit, where you can seek medical assistance for oxygen from the outlet but can’t rent it.

Any Tips For Carrying Oxygen Cylinder From Home For Ladakh Trip?

  • Look, oxygen cylinders are not something which you might get easily from all the medical shops. So you need to speak with your doctor or medical expert to learn where to find the oxygen cylinder facility.
  • Upon finding the place to rent an oxygen cylinder, verify and compare the renting and security charge they are asking.
  • Lend them to your ears while you get a briefing about the oxygen cylinder from the renting point in your hometown.
  • To cover up, make a video on your mobile while demonstrating to you how to use an oxygen cylinder.

What is the Average Price of Oxygen Cylinder in Leh?

The average price of oxygen cylinder in Leh varies from its capacity in liters and types. There are two types of oxygen cylinders you can find in Leh or bring from your hometown. The first one is portable (oxygen can), while the second one is a big oxygen cylinder. Here is what we mean to say:

Portable Oxygen Cylinder: It comes in 6 L (approx.) and provides 150 oxygen shorts. The portable oxygen cylinder price ranges from 600 INR - 1500 INR (approx.) that depends on the brand. Use and throw it once it is empty. There is no refueling option. Keep in mind that you can’t even take a portable oxygen cylinder in flight. Although, you are allowed to carry it in your private/hired vehicle.

Big Oxygen Cylinder: This type of cylinder comes in different size variants (small-medium-large). The largest one comes in 1800 L (approx.) variant and costs around 3000 INR - 4000 INR for 2-3 days (approx.). The medium one comes in an 800 L (approx.) variant and costs around 2000 INR - 3000 INR (approx.). While the smallest one comes in 220 L (approx.) and costs around INR 1200 - 1500 INR (approx.).

How to Determine the Need for Oxygen Cylinder For Ladakh Trip?

Good question! Several factors will determine whether you need to carry an oxygen cylinder for the Ladakh trip or not! A few of them are listed below:

Traveling with Adults (Between 35-60 years): Be it be your parents or anyone else, you must consider renting an oxygen cylinder on your Ladakh trip. As age takes a toll on the body and breathing problems usually arise with adults. Even a short walk in a high-altitude region like Ladakh can be daunting. In that case, the oxygen cylinder will serve the purpose.

Traveling with Children (Not Infants): It is the tendency of kids to be restless and not sit in one place for more than a minute. This action might force you to take them outside once you arrive in Leh after unwinding for a while in your room.

All these tips, as mentioned above, are bound to provide you complete stress-free experience on the Ladakh holidays. Do let us know in the comments if we have missed anything you wanted to hear but not in this travel guide!

Why is it advised to rent an oxygen cylinder in Leh Ladakh?

If you are one of those tourists who have a tight schedule and with no buffer days, you wouldn’t be able to get enough time to acclimatize to the reduction of oxygen and gain altitude. To be on the safer side and not put your trip to Leh-Ladakh in jeopardy, it is better to rent an oxygen cylinder in Leh. 

This is more important for people who have traveled to Ladakh via flight. They do not get enough time to get used to the altitude and face problems like breathlessness, fatigue, nausea, and more.

How much will the oxygen cylinders cost in Leh Ladakh?

The rates keep revising and they depend on many factors when you visit here. Roughly the cost of cylinders is given below. It is always advised to connect with the providers directly to know the exact price. 

  • For a cylinder with a capacity of 1880 ltrs you will have to pay approximately 3500 INR for 3 days.
  • For a 780 ltrs cylinder, you will have to pay roughly around 3000 INR for 3 days.
  • For a cylinder having a capacity of 414 ltrs you will have to pay around 2000 INR for 3 days.
  • For a 220 ltrs cylinder, you will have to pay approximately 1500 INR for 3 days.
  • A 6 ltrs oxygen cylinder will cost approximately 1500 INR (These are the oxygen shots/ cans that are provided by many people around Ladakh.)

Can I take an oxygen cylinder in my backpack in flight?

It is not favorable to carry oxygen cans on a flight unless you have a doctor’s prescription to do that. It is not allowed to carry these cans or shots on a flight. The best thing to do in such a case is to rent a portable oxygen cylinder in Leh itself. There are many centers where you can get oxygen cylinders. 

If I prefer traveling on a bike from Leh to the other attractions of Ladakh, how should I carry the cylinder? 

Firstly, if you are traveling to Leh via flight it is advised that you should stay in Leh for a day at least. This will give your body, some time to adjust according to the conditions. But if you do not have buffer time, it is best to rent a medium-sized oxygen cylinder and then ask the person to offer you a backpack that you can wear on your back. 

Cannot I travel throughout Ladakh without carrying an oxygen cylinder?

Whether you need a cylinder or not depends on a lot of factors and one of the major ones amongst them is getting acclimated to the environment. If you are allowing your body that buffer or you are on a road trip are two ideal conditions in which you would not need to carry any oxygen cylinder with you. But then if you have even the slightest of problems, look for an oxygen cylinder on rent in Leh.

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