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Are you planning a trip to Leh Ladakh in November? Wondering what the Ladakh temperature in November is? Can you still take a bike trip to Ladakh in November? Curious to know about the accommodation options, travel tips, and highway-related information of traveling to Ladakh in November? Coming to the point, November to April is the off-season, and you will see a handful of tourists. Air travel is considered the best and safe option for traveling to Ladakh in November. However, the first half of November is still considered for the Ladakh bike trip, but that too with strong endurance to deal with the unpredictable weather change. In the second half of November, the Srinagar to Leh Highway gets closed, and thus, air travel is the only left mode of transport.

Inner Line Permit to Ladakh will be required if you are proceeding towards Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake. Obtaining a permit is easy from Leh at the DC office. Even your Ladakh tour planner can arrange a permit for you! When you arrive at Leh via air, you don’t need a permit for local Leh sites exploration.

We Have Answered Your Every Question Regarding Traveling to Ladakh in November. Scroll On!

Does it Snow in Ladakh in November?

Yes! It does snow in Ladakh in November. You will find guaranteed snow at Chang La Pass and Khardung La Pass, as they are located at high altitudes. Even the low-altitude regions like Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake experience snowfall in November. However, the intensity of snowfall gets increased when December arrives till January.

Can I Plan the Leh Ladakh Trip for November 2024?

Yes! You can plan in November Leh Ladakh by road from Srinagar Leh Highway. This highway remains open from early May till mid to late November. However, the cold weather for a bike trip could be a concern for amateur bikers. But a handful of people visit Ladakh before the first half of November and return till mid-November via the same route.

Note: You should avoid traveling via Srinagar-Leh Highway in late November because the highway might get closed anytime.

Does Manali Leh Highway Remain Open in November?

No! Manali-Leh Highway doesn’t remain open in November. Infact, it gets closed in mid to late October.

Is It Safe to Visit Ladakh in November 2024?

Yes! Worry not! Ladakh is safe to visit in November 2024 by all means, including a road trip to air travel. However, only one route, Srinagar Leh Highway, remains open till mid/last November. Air travel is possible to Ladakh throughout the year, but you still need to take precautions to deal with Acute Mountain Sickness.

How Leh Ladakh Weather in November 2024 Will Impact Your Trip to Ladakh?

November is the time when winters officially arrive in Ladakh. It is one of the coldest regions in India, and Ladakh weather in November becomes cold and even unpredictable at the high altitude mountain passes like Chang La and Khardung La.

Temperature drops drastically when you reach the high altitude passes and thus, even the internal road that connects Pangong to Nubra sometimes gets blocked. However, the Indian Army uses the internal road for commuting, and thus, if the internal road gets blocked, the brave soldiers do the snow clearing process as fast as they can.

A decision to take a trip to Ladakh in November will challenge your physical and mental fitness because nights turn out extremely cold, and at several places, the temperature drops down below zero degrees. In short, you should avoid planning a trip to Ladakh via bike in November because when the cold temperature on Srinagar-Leh Highway routes, when combined with a bike trip, might become a dangerous decision for you! It is best to take your car for the Ladakh trip in November.

Why Should You Go to Ladakh in November 2024?

It will be cold, roads might get blocked for a small duration, but November is still considered one of the best times to visit Ladakh in 2024. Let’s disclose you a fewer reason to travel to Ladakh in November 2024:

Snowfall Encounters

The reasons behind this are many, including snowfall encounters at high altitude passes and even on the low altitude regions. Even if you do not find snowfall, be prepared to marvel at the thick snow sheets on both sides of the road while crossing Chang La and Khardung La.

Fewer Tourists Crowd

Only a handful of tourists wander in Ladakh in November because this month marks the closing of the only open highway - Srinagar to Leh. From November till April, tourists who mostly arrive in Ladakh are family travelers.

Accommodation Price Drops

If you consider yourself the bargaining expert, then a trip to Leh Ladakh in November 2024 is an excellent idea. Since not many tourists are in Ladakh, the accommodation owners lower the price of properties, including guest houses, camps, and hotels, to invite tourists. As you all know, tourism in Ladakh is the lifeline for locals there.

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Water Steams will Not Come As A Surprise

Many water streams on the road occur during the summer months because of the melting of snow. And November would be the time when hard snow will be found. So it goes without saying water streams will not come as a surprise.

Note: By water streams we mean to indicate a road trip that is too from Srinagar Leh Highway (the only open highway to reach Ladakh).

Traveling Tips For Visiting Ladakh in November 2024

Traveling to Ladakh in November 2024 would be a fantastic experience without any hassle if you follow these travel tips:

Do Early November Planning

This tip is highly suggested for those who want to visit Ladakh via journey. In the first half of November, Srinagar Leh Highway is open, and you can return from the same route. However, the same highway remains open even after the first half of November, but it is becoming more challenging to drive due to cold winds in the hills and unexpected snowfall.

Know the Route Which will Be Open

Two routes connect Leh; Srinagar and Manali. The latter gets closed by October, so you have left with only one choice - Srinagar to Leh, which is always suggested as this highway's altitude gradually increases.

Book Accommodation in Advance

Whether you arrive in Leh Ladakh in November by road or flight, you should do your homework and book your accommodation in advance. By the end of October, most of the hotels, guest houses in Leh, Pangong, and Nubra start winding up for the year. Booking accommodation in advance will help you a lot, and you need not roam in search of a staycation option after your arrival.

Customize Your Itinerary Wisely

Itinerary customization on a trip to Ladakh in November is a must! Include only the famous tourist places in Leh Ladakh. You should skip including the remote Ladakh places Charchagan and Marsimik La by late November because of road blockage due to snow. Also, a permit to remote places is not easy to obtain. To explore the offbeat Ladakh attractions, summers is the best time.

Know-How to Deal with Extreme Temperature

Preparing for cold in Ladakh because the temperature can go extreme in November is a must-follow tip. You must have strong endurance and immunity for traveling to Ladakh in November because the cold here is not like that of the metro cities. Nail-biting extreme cold results in the temperature drop by night. So, take your winter clothes.

Don’t Plan Early Morning Trip Within Leh

Wait for the sun to get an idea of how the temperature and weather conditions will be throughout the day. You should avoid embarking on sightseeing early in the morning.

Constraint Relying on Public Transportation

By the end of October, public transportation doesn’t run with that frequent frequency even within the Leh. With the extreme weather and road blockage due to snow, you will find it hard to locate public transportation. Although taxis or cabs are an option, they will charge accordingly with the demand for transportation.

Can you share a few travel tips to Ladakh in November you encountered in the previous year?

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