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As the number of people visiting Ladakh year after year is increasing, this has also paced up the slow accommodation development in the area. In some developed regions like Leh, one can find hotels, hostels, and many more Accommodation options whereas in several offbeat spots like Zanskar, it is difficult to find any accommodation. One of the major attractions in Ladakh is the magnificent and beautiful Tso Moriri or Mountain Lake. It is situated in the Changthang Plateau of Ladakh. The panoramic view and eye-arresting vistas and landscapes of the region make it a wonderful spot for travelers.

Those planning on traveling to Tso Moriri on their next trip to Ladakh should keep in mind that there are no hotels in Tso Moriri but one can find several options in the nearby areas at proximity to the plateau. Although earlier people had the choice to pitch their camps near the banks of the lake but now because the entire region is a sanctuary for migratory birds, it is restricted to camp.

There are several tented colonies at about 30 km from the lake and they are probably one of the best camps to stay with family near the lake. This is before Korzok Village. If traveling with your partner, either choose this spot or go for hotels in the village near Tso Moriri. All of these places have evolved over time and one can find their comfort as per their likings. Listed below are the hotels options near the lake.

Places to Stay in and Around Tso Moriri

There are many offbeat and less commercialized places in Ladakh. Though it is a perk as it helps in keeping places pristine but on the other hand, it also creates a problem for the travelers. There are limited staying options around the area and one has to plan everything before visiting such places. A few of Ladakh’s places include Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, and Zanskar Valley. Travelers who are looking for the best stay options in Tso Moriri can find their comfort in any of the below-listed hotels. As already discussed there are no accommodation options in or around the lake because of certain reasons, travelers have to go back to either the Korzok village or opt for the tent colony on the way to the village.

If expecting a world out of this place in terms of accommodation, then there might be a disappointment to experience as there are only a handful of options available in proximity to the lake. The only options here include camps, guest houses, and homestays. There are not a lot of options in these as well but those available are quite comforting and good enough for a night to spend. So, choose wisely according to your interests and wishes.

Camps near Tso Moriri

One of the best and wonderful staying options near the lake are camps. Tso Moriri Camp & Resort in Ladakh is one of the best places to stay but here are others that can provide a comfortable stay.

Tso Moriri Camp & Resort

One can find a camp colony near the lake and it is the nearest hotels to Tso Moriri. This colony offers various camps for solo travelers, couples, and families. It is situated before the Korzok Village and is a highly recommended place to stay near the lake.

The entire place is equipped with important facilities and amenities to offer huge relief to the guests. One gets attached toiled, 24-hours running cold water and hot water buckets. Apart from the double accommodation tents, there are swiss tents on offer as well with hotels of 5-people making it the best camp to stay with family.

Nomadic Life camp

A bit farther away from the lake but still nearer than the Kurzok Village is the Nomadic Life Camp. It is yet another interesting, peaceful and comfortable place to rest for a night. They offer an attached washroom and bathroom accompanied with tasty food. With several options, the Nomadic life camp is one of the best camps to stay with friends or family.

Note: The prices would be high but if you land here without a pre-booking, you can get a great deal. Make sure to bargain and get yourself a good deal. Also, it is advised one should get the camps pre-booked.

Homestays in Tso Moriri

The next best option for travelers searching for hotels near Tso Moriri can be a homestay. These are the places where you get a feeling of staying at your home and it costs lower than other staying options. But most homestays are available either in the Korzok Village or further away from the lake. Some of the best homestays near Tso Moriri are listed below.

Goose Homestay

One of the best homestays near Tso Moriri is the Goose Homestay. The most appreciating element of this place is its food. All the people staying here have always reviewed and complemented their food. Apart from exceptionally scrumptious food on offer Goose Homestay also provides comfortable hotels near Tso Moriri at highly affordable prices.

Mentok Guesthouse

Although it is named a guest house, this place is an amazing home-stay type offering a wonderful staying option to the travelers. Situated in the Kurzok Village near Tso Moriri, it offers a wide range of food options at an affordable price. This homestay has a lake-facing view and balconies from where one can enjoy a breathtaking view around. Here all the rooms have western toilets and modern facility-equipped bathrooms. Mentok is also popular for being one of the best homestays at Tso Moriri offering delicious food to savor.

Guest House near Tso Moriri

The third and the last option in terms of accommodation near Tso Moriri are the guest-houses. Ideal for a family in search of a comfortable, cozy inn; all the guest houses are the perfect match for people. They are warm, affordable, and highly clean. Here are some options that are available near the lake.

Lake View Guest House

Another good hotels for couples, families, and friends; the Lake view guest house is a neat and clean place. The comfortable and warm rooms offer a majestic view of the lake and the surroundings. One can stay here with their family without any problems or kickbacks. The guest house is located at the beginning of the Kurzok village offering an unparalleled view of the entire place.

Crane Guesthouse

Probably the one left where tourists can stay is the Crane guest house. Apart from all the hotelnear Tso Moriri that are already listed, Crane is the one that’s left. The rooms are comfortable, smaller, and simple like any other guest house in the village. This guest house has shared toilets and water is available in buckets as there are no pipes and tap’s system.

General Tips

  • It is always better for travelers to get the accommodation pre-booked as this helps in taking away the hassle from the mind. While one enjoys the trip there would be no worry about accommodation.
  • If you wish to stay in camps near Tso Moriri it can be a challenge to find a place during the peak season, so get your bookings done before you come here.
  • Ensure that you have all your documents, permits, and IDs as the managers can ask for one before giving a tent.
  • There are guest-houses and homestays that are better and comfortable as compared to others keeping in mind how freezing the temperature can go.
  • Make sure to carry extra warm clothes because nights here can be really chilly even during the summer season.
  • Carry all your medicines if you think there can be a problem while spending a night at such altitude.
  • Carry enough cash because there would be no online transaction and card-accepting can be a rare occasion here. So keeping in mind safety, make sure to carry enough cash.
  • All the accommodations do follow the COVID-19 precaution’s parameters but one should also keep a check on things. It is advised to keep a sanitizer close by and use personal towels and sanitary for added safety. Keep in mind to sanitize your hands regularly

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