Traveling to Ladakh With Parents – Senior Citizens


How to plan traveling to Ladakh with Parents - senior citizens is a frequently asked question by many. Year after year, there have been many people asking the same question and we have been providing them with the answer they desire.

As majestic and beautiful as it may sound, there are some things that every visitor has to keep in mind. Right from keeping all the necessary medicines to keeping yourself acclimatized to the air pressure and oxygen level; the adventure of Ladakh also calls for utmost caution at every step. Ladakh might be one of the most sought-after destinations for youngsters these days, but it has kept on luring senior citizens time and again. For a family person, traveling to Leh Ladakh with parents can be a bit challenging but not impossible. Every year several senior citizens visit Leh Ladakh to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the places here. What was once known as the biker’s paradise has now become an active vacation destination for kids, parents, and even senior citizens.

There might be a healthy chance of you facing the same crunch. If that’s the case, here is a complete guide that can help plan traveling to Leh Ladakh with elderly parents easily.

There are a few things that should be kept in mind when you are Traveling to Ladakh With Parents – Senior Citizens.

Consulting a doctor is a must

People usually think that Ladakh is not an ideal destination for elderly people but that’s not true. For those who have good health and no ailments can enjoy Ladakh just the way they would have desired. So, the first thing that one should do is consult a doctor. Most people look for things on the internet or ask people who have already visited the union territory. Visiting Ladakh with family is a responsibility of its own and one should take nothing leniently. Therefore, rather than taking suggestions and cues from people and travelers, take a trip to your family doctor and consult about the precautions that have to be taken. Another demerit of asking people around is the difference in each body. These are few important things that one should only trust to discuss with the experts and no one else. Let the doctor know the medical condition and if possible get the medical check-up done.

Acute mountain sickness

One of the major problems that not only elderly people but youngs have to face is Acute Mountain Sickness. This problem is seen in the majority of people traveling to Leh Ladakh who has not properly acclimatized their body to the atmospheric pressure change and reduced oxygen. Though it is the mildest form of altitude sickness, depending on the physical strength people can experience dizziness, nausea, muscle pain, headaches, nose-bleeding, and a few more problems. Many doctors have already said that AMS is independent of age and gender. It is highly dependent on the health condition as well as the fatigue caused by the long journey.

If the entire family is traveling to Ladakh via plane, then it should be ensured that each one of the family members should get sufficient time to acclimatize their body. On the contrary, people who wish to take the roads for this journey should create an itinerary that’s relaxing especially for elderly people. Several people would suggest keeping Diamox in the pouch but don’t follow people just because they say so. Consult your doctor before taking any medicines or keeping any in the pouch.

Appropriate Clothes

Traveling to Ladakh with senior citizens would always be difficult because of the age factor. Keeping various things in mind throughout the journey is something that one has to follow. One of the things that include these are wearing the appropriate clothes. Irrespective of the traveling mode, make sure to carry several warm clothes. Not just the elderly people, it is recommended for the young ones to also wear warm clothes in layers. This helps in locking the body heat better while keeping the option available for people to take out a few when the temperature becomes a bit warmer.

Talking about the temperature of Ladakh it highly fluctuates w.r.t to day and night, sunlight and shade, low or high altitude. On top of woolen clothes, it is a must to have a windproof jacket for senior people. The winds here are heavy and chilly all year long. To protect elderly people and give them a chance to enjoy their time completely, it is a necessary precaution. Cover the head and neck and keep warm socks and waterproof shoes for their benefit. Usually walking on slow or such trails can be difficult and water seeps in the shoes which can be a problem for them.

Let them be comfortable

Another thing that most people do ask often is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh with parents - senior citizens . The most comfortable and ideal time to visit here is during the summers. Though it won’t be anywhere near warm temperature even in summers but one needs to still visit during summers. This is the time when most people travel to Ladakh, all roads are cleared, all the passes are motorable, and so on. Throughout the trip one thing that a person has to keep in mind w.r.t the senior citizens are their comfort. From giving food timely to resting properly everything is important for them. At good intervals, stop by places so that they can come out of the car and move around. Also, create a longer itinerary so that the elder people get sufficient time to relax and you get sufficient time to enjoy the places.

Keep them hydrated

Apart from body movement and food, keeping the body hydrated is also an important thing for people. As much as young travelers need it, senior citizens also require it. Those planning to travel to Ladakh with elderly people do have to keep motivating and telling elders to keep driving sufficient water. Whenever and wherever the temperature is less, people tend to skip drinking water because of the cool environment. That cannot be the case while traveling to Leh because of many reasons. So, make sure to keep everyone hydrated throughout the trip. Especially for the senior family members, it is advised to avoid eating too many wafers.

Keep medicines

Apart from everything else a person should do while traveling with elder family members this one is of utmost importance. Do keep all the necessary medicines in the pouch. Keep all the medicines accessible for emergency times. Once you consult a doctor, ensure all the medicines are there in the car. Apart from the prescribed medicines do keep some tablets that would check vomiting, headaches, stomach pain, loose motions, and others.

Not exactly medicines but on your trip to Leh Ladakh with elder members of the family do keep sunscreen, glasses, lip balm, moisturizers, and other essential products of your own. That helps in protecting the skin from rashes, burns, and deterioration due to harsh temperatures.

Keep a complete itinerary beforehand

Youngsters might not be that much inclined towards creating a complete plan before starting their trip to Leh Ladakh but when it comes to traveling with senior citizens it is always better to do things as per plan. Having all the halt points and destinations already pen-down can give a chance to the family to enjoy their trip better.


The entire trip to Leh Ladakh and its top attractions can be done in a better way if all the above-mentioned things are taken care of. It is very important to take precautions at all times to keep the senior citizens traveling to Leh Ladakh in a good shape and mood all the time. If all the measures are taken properly can help in imparting equal joy and amusement to the elders as of the youngsters. Though there are a few other things such as refraining from taking them to remote areas and spending a night at camps but they are understood and most people do take care of these small things while they stay in Leh Ladakh.

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