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Ladakh is an enchanting place that houses some of India's beautiful places. With several mesmerizing attractions and pristine areas, this union territory is always at the top of travelers' lists. Being a dream destination for many, Ladakh is a wonderful place to be, regardless of your interest in being an adventurer, seasoned biker, or nature lover or the way you choose to travel, be it with family, solo, or friends. Ladakh is a top-notch destination for everyone, where people can disconnect themselves from the world and simply enjoy their journeys and vacations. The best time to visit Ladakh is from May to September, when the weather is pleasant and the roads are open, facilitating better mobile network connectivity.

Amidst challenging roads, scarcity of petrol pumps, and exhaustion, there is another prevalent factor that many people think is a misfortune for them: the mobile network connectivity in Ladakh. This is one of the setbacks for many people because they feel so, but when you are traveling to a place such as Ladakh, mobile phones are just a tool to click pictures. More or less, people still consider this a significant setback of the land of high passes. So, if mobile connectivity in Ladakh is a question hovering in your head and is stopping you from visiting here, this is a complete guide to Ladakh that will help you learn various things about the network system.

Note: In some areas of Ladakh, only postpaid SIMs of a few service providers work. No prepaid SIM works here.

Mobile Connectivity in Leh

Mobile network connectivity is an issue in all of Ladakh, and that’s due to many things. There are several security-related reasons, but it is more or less about development. Most areas, including the capital of Ladakh, are moderately developed, and the mobile network in Leh is also a concern for many. When it comes to Connectivity, only BSNL and Airtel have their networks, and 2G is the maximum speed you will get.

Mobile Connectivity in Pangong Tso

Mobile connections in Pangong Tso are also not definite because it is observed that people using BSNL have a few connections in the area during a clear day. However, it is better to remember that the connections will be low or nonexistent in Pangong Tso. On the other hand, feeble network connections are found around Tangse because BSNL recently put up a new tower in Durbuk. This improves the Leh Ladakh Mobile network and internet connectivity, especially in the Pangong region.

Mobile Connectivity in Nubra Valley

Mobile networks available in Leh Ladakh are improving yearly, but Nubra Valley is still one of those places that will take you back in time. But that’s not a problem at all because there’s a phone booth set up in Diskit Valley of Shyok. These phone booths, operated by local service providers, offer both local and international calling services, providing a reliable means of communication while visiting this remote area.

Mobile Connectivity in Tso Moriri

While traveling towards Tso Moriri, expecting a feeble mobile network connection would be problematic. There is no mobile or internet connection in Tso Moriri. You won’t be able to find any phone booth or internet service provider away from Chumathang. That’s the last place you will find mobile coverage in Leh Ladakh.

Tips on mobile connectivity in Ladakh

Thousands of people travel to Ladakh yearly, and many are worried about the mobile network in Leh, Nubra, and other regions they plan to visit. If you, too, have the same concern, then here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First things first, while you enter Ladakh, only postpaid sims are going to work. Prepaid connections do not fetch signals here.
  • There are only two mobile network providers in Ladakh; one is BSNL, and the second one is Airtel. Jio is working in full force to get their networks up and running in the area.


  • There are just a few places in Ladakh where you can get network connections. The signal strength in Leh and nearby places is sufficient to make calls, but as you move away from the city, the networks start to dip.
  • You might get connections at Hanle and Nubra, but there is no connection available in most parts.
  • Even on the highways, post Srinagar, mobile connections are near Sonmarg and Dras-Kargil. Apart from that, signals are an issue.
  • If you are coming from the other side, which is the Manali-Leh highway, Manali to Keylong is fine, and the stretch after Upshi can give you enough signals to make a call, but apart from that, you are going to have problems with connections.
  • If you are staying at hotels, ask for WiFi and connect with your parents and loved ones to inform them about your whereabouts.
  • For those concerned about staying in touch, there are a few villages in Ladakh where satellite phones are available. While they charge a nominal fee of INR 2 per minute, they provide a reliable means of communication with your family and loved ones. Use this service judiciously to stay connected and informed about your trip.
  • For those thinking about posting videos and images from Ladakh, it will not be possible because the best internet coverage a person can get here is 2G. This means that while you can send text messages and make voice calls, activities that require high data usage, such as video streaming or uploading large files, may be challenging or not possible.


  • It is better to plan the entire trip without including your online presence. And isn’t that the reason you are in Ladakh in the first place? Enjoy the beauty that’s on offer.
  • Because you will be alone at times, it is important for you to be proactive and disciplined. It is ideal to travel only during the day and rest during the night. Try to join any group that’s traveling to the destination you are going to. It will be helpful for you because, in many situations, people help each other.
  • If you think you cannot take this, “getting off your mobile,” then it is better not to plan the trip, but if you do so, try to enjoy the time in Ladakh to the fullest.

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