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Being one of the finest and most popular destinations in Ladakh, Pangong Lake receives hundreds and hundreds of visitors between April and October. To adhere to the rush of visitors, there are a lot of camp colonies and hotels near Pangong Lake. The options between camps and tented homestays are quite extensive and all of that is due to the popularity.

Where can we stay near Pangong Lake? This might have been a concerning question about a decade ago. But in the past few years, the boost in tourism in Leh Ladakh has steered locals to grab the opportunity of setting up more and more hotels around Pangong Lake. 

Places where you get the best accommodations near Pangong Lake

As already discussed above, the number of accommodations and options amongst them- both of these have increased significantly. From budget-friendly homestays to swiss camps- you will have a great list of options to choose from. Things started with Spangmik being the first village to host people visiting here and then three more names got added to the list. Spangmik is the first hamlet on the banks of Pangong Tso. Initially, people simply visited this end of the lake, stayed here, and then headed back. But now things have changed a lot. 

If you visit Pangong now, Here are the places where you will find an ample number of accommodations:

  • Spangmik
  • Merak
  • Tangtse
  • Man

The farthest amongst these is Tangtse which is approximately 45 km away. Apart from this, all the other three villages are on the bank of the lake. Campsites, guest houses, and homestays are the major options available in these places.

Types of accommodation around Pangong Lake

Pangong Tso is a protected area and a wetland which is why the government has posed a ban on cemented houses around a certain perimeter of the lake. This is the reason why you will find camps as the major accommodation option here.

There are five different types of hotels near Pangong Lake, you will have to decide according to these categories.

  1. Campsites
  2. Hotels
  3. Chadar Tents
  4. Guest Houses
  5. Paying guests

Is Camping at Pangong Lake A Right Option For You?

Yes! Camping at Pangong Lake is the right option for you; in fact, camping itself is a famous reason to visit Leh Ladakh. If you want to enjoy the changing watercolors' views, Pangong Lake Camp is the best option for you! Additionally, a camping stay includes everything right from bonfire nights to meals and attached washrooms. And guess what? Privacy is not at all a concern at the camps.

Average Price of Camps at Pangong Lake: 1500 INR - 2000 INR (approx.) per person with meals. If you pick a swiss camp, the price can go even higher.

1. Pangong Chadar Tents

Chadar Tents at Pangong Lake are available now, which sounds like a budget option compared to camps at Pangong also, it is cheaper. Chadar Tents are inspired by the dormitory-style huge tent prepared around the Dhaba (food eating spot) from its backside. In short, under one roof, several people stay and spend their nights or days.

You will find Chadar Tents in Ladakh on both the highways as well; Srinagar-Manali, and Leh-Manali. It is a wonderful option for those who are arriving in Leh Ladakh via bike trip. Mainly, youngsters and gangs of the wanderers stay in Chadar Tent because a stay here does not break the bank.

Is Chadar Tents at Pangong Lake A Right Option for You?

Yes! Chadar Tents at Pangong Lake is the right option for you only if you are short on budget and you don’t have a family or a female traveler with you! Don’t expect privacy in Chadar Tents. As of now, no complaint of harassment has been reported at Chadar Tents, but still, your safety is in your hands. So choose wisely. The washroom here is the only concern for metro city tourists.

Average Price of Chadar Tents at Pangong Lake: 200 INR - 500 INR (approx.) per person excluding meals.

1. Pangong Tso Guest Houses

Guesthouses near Pangong Lake are the best option for family travelers and honeymooners on a budget. However, there is no guest house at Spangmik. You will find a guest house near Pangong Tso at Tangtse and Merak village. The guest houses near Pangong Lake at Merak village boast good views of the serene Pangong Lake. The rooms at Merak village guest house are spacious.

Are Guest Houses Near Pangong Lake the Right Choice?

Yes! Staying in a guest house near Pangong Lake is the right option for you if you want to enjoy comfort without making a hole in your pocket.

Average Price of Guest Houses Near Pangong Lake: 200 INR - 500 INR (approx.) per person excluding meals.

Best Guesthouses around Pangong Lake: Dothguling Guest House (Tangste), Yak Milk Changla Guest House (Tangste), and Dorjay Delbu Guest House (Merak).

Pangong Tso Lake Homestays (Paying Guests)

Call it with any name; “Paying Guests” or “Homestays,” this is a wonderful option for all sorts of tourists who want to enjoy the local Ladakhi hospitality without making holes in their wallets. Homestays are the cemented walls where the locals of Ladakh stay. The natives, however, depend on a small profit from tourists, which they generate during the tourism season in Ladakh when guests arrive and stay.

In order to stay at a homestay near Pangong Lake, visit Spangmik. Talk to the locals, and they will allow you to spend an overnight stay in their homestays. But only a few handfuls of hot water will be provided to you in buckets.

Are Homestays Near Pangong Lake the Right Choice?

Yes! Indeed! Homestays near Pangong Tso Lake is the right option for you if you want to mingle with locals. At homestays, you can exchange the historical knowledge of Ladakh, which is hard to learn on any guided trip. Also, you will have the option to relish local Ladakh food, including Thukpa, Chhang, and Tigmo. The only drawback of homestays is there is no electricity, and they are located at an easy distance, not adjacent or next to the lake.

Average Price of Homestays Near Pangong Lake: 700 INR - 2000 INR (approx.) with meals.

Best Homestay Around Pangong Lake

Marzee Homestay (Merak village), Gongma Homestay (Spangmik), and Peaceful Homestay (Merak village).

Some of the best hotels at Pangong Lake

1. Pangong Camp Resort

Characteristics of the Only Hotel at Pangong Lake

Guests who want to enjoy Pangong Lake's panoramic views must spend their night at the popular Pangong Camp. Not only the view but the facilities and amenities of the hotel are also absolutely amazing.

  • Facilities at Pangong Camp Resort

The important facilities here include 24*7 hot water supply, delicious food, and warm hospitality personifies why this one and only hotel in Pangong Tso Lake is a hit amongst foreign tourists.

  • Important Information

The only drawback here you might feel regarding Pangong Camp Resort is that it gets overbooked in advance during the season. The rooms of the resort 4-7 months (approx.) in advance.

  • Tariff of Pangong Camp Resort

The tariff at Pangong Camp Resort for double bedrooms with meals covered is between 3000 INR - 4000 INR (approx).

2. Pangong Lake Camps

None can outrank the experience of staying around Pangong Lake camps as it provides you the chance to experience the serenity from very close. You are aware of the Pangong Lake camps' idea because it comes first when someone says where to stay overnight at Pangong Tso Lake.

  • Facilities at Pangong Lake Camps

Camps at Pangong come under budget options to luxury options. Food quality may differ in each camp because of the kitchen service, but most of the camps are equipped with an attached washroom facility.


So the only option to stay at the hotel at Pangong Tso Lake is to book Pangong Camp Resort in advance after checking its availability as its rooms get overbooked. A hotel stay is best for family travelers and couples. Don’t expect to get there and request accommodation, it will not work for you! Advance booking is the key to hotel accommodation at Pangong Lake.

The other alternatives of hotels are guest houses, homestays, Chadar Tents, and camping. Out of which, camping is next to the hotel stay because camps on the Pangong Lake banks are luxurious and equipped with all modern amenities, including separate washrooms and hot water supply.

However, homestays are best for those who want to experience Ladakh like a local as it allows you to spend time with them. The last staycation option on a trip to Pangong Lake you should select is Chadar Trek, which is very affordable and comes in the budget of those who are traveling to Ladakh on a tight budget.

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