Availability of Basic Facilities in Ladakh


Whenever someone talks about a trip to Leh Ladakh; high and challenging passes, mystical views, stunning attractions, and tons and tons of memories- are what comes to mind at first. Often people forget to think and know about the small vital things like the availability of basic facilities in Ladakh.

To know about this is equally important as this counts a lot in the overall experience of the rider/traveler/ visitor. There are mainly 4 regions where people usually visit- Nubra, Leh, Zanskar, and Kargil. The availability of resources and basic facilities throughout these regions are quite good but you can still face problems if you don’t know it all. So, if you wish to know more about all the important things that would improve or decrease the overall experience, then here are all the information you would require.

Basic facilities in Ladakh

During the early period of Ladakh, when it started gaining traction and interest, there were a lot of things lacking. Due to its offbeat location, many people refrained from going to this majestical land. But once the roads were constructed and passes were made, it opened a gateway to paradise for visitors. Not only Ladakh offers jaw-dropping beauty but a great time to adventure junkies and family on vacations as well. There are several locations all over Ladakh where people chose to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the place to recharge their bodies. Here are few basic facilities of Ladakh that still are a concern for many.

Restaurants in Ladakh

Ladakh is not only famous and rich in culture, attractions, and passes; it also offers an extensive cuisine to savor. Here are the best restaurants in Ladakh where travelers often find something that tastes really delicious to them. While visiting different regions one can find these places to eat.

Places to eat in Leh

  • The Tibetan Cafe
  • Sky Wok Ladakh
  • Bon Appetit
  • Chopsticks Noodle Bar
  • Brazil Cafe Leh

Places to eat in Nubra Valley

  • The Bonfire Eat Drink And Love
  • Valley Flower Camp
  • The Safari Restaurant

Places to eat in Kargil

  • Roots Travel Cafe
  • Cafe Bikes, Bullets, and Barrels
  • Cafe-de-Riverside
  • Parsa’s
  • Zomsa Coffee House

Places to eat in Zanskar Valley

One can find a few homestays offering food and a few local shops here. The availability of food options here in the Zanskar Valley or nearby villages is a bit less.

Accommodation in Ladakh

The next basic facility that matters is accommodation in Ladakh. From great places to stay in Leh, one can enjoy their time in camp colonies near Pangong Lake. Listed below are the options available for travelers visiting Ladakh.

Places to stay in Leh

  • Sangavlay Palace
  • Lhachik Guest House
  • The Empyrean House
  • The Grand Dragon Ladakh
  • Zambala Inn

Places to stay in Nubra Valley

  • Stone Hedge Hotel
  • Cozy Ethenic Inn
  • Summer Holiday Camp
  • Nubra Pika Camp
  • Tiger Camp Nubra

Places to stay in Zanskar Valley

  • Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Bungalow
  • Camp Sites
  • Paying Guest
  • In Sankoo

Places to stay in Kargil

  • Hotel Suru View
  • The Nun-Kun Residency
  • Hotel Brownhills The white castle Hotel Border View

Medical Facilities in Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the toughest terrains where you can enjoy a lot of amazing things. But one thing that concerns a lot of people in the medical facilities that are on offer. The adventurer’s paradise has now developed significantly owing to the number of visitors traversing to this place every year. The medical facilities have also become better over the years. From finding first aid help in places like Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso, to the well-maintained hospitals in Leh; there is a good medical infrastructure in Ladakh.

Public transportation facilities in Ladakh

One of the most important basic facilities in leh Ladakh that is now adhered to is the availability of public transportation in Ladakh. The entire city is small and people can hike to visit places around while capturing pictures of the entire place. On the other hand to visit different attractions people can use buses, private taxis, and sharing cabs. Over time, the bus facilities have become so much better for travelers that one can easily take a bus from Leh. The bus plies every day. It starts from the city of Leh and goes up to Nubra Valley. It takes a halt at every major destination and a few other places on request. One can easily visit every attraction on this route using the bus.

Vehicle Rental Facilities in Ladakh

Renting a Vehicle is one of the necessities of young adventure junkies who land in Leh and hire a vehicle to visit other nearby places including Zanskar, Diskit, Hunder, Samar, and other regions. One of the major concerns of people visiting Ladakh was the availability of vehicles on rent. After getting such a huge crowd each year, there are several places in Leh itself from where people can rent a car or bike according to their wish.

ATMs Facilites in Ladakh

ATM facilities are readily available in Kargil and a few places in Leh as well. For those who wish to go ahead of Leh, the ATM facilities in Zanskar and Nubra Valley are still to be developed. People withdraw cash from the ATM in Leh for their onward journey to the Nubra, Pangong Lake, and Zanskar Valley.

Petrol Pumps Facilities in Ladakh

Kargil and Leh have their petrol pumps facilites but when it comes to the other regions there is still no sign of any. Petrol pumps in Ladakh still have to go a long way because there are still a few places that can’t be explored if the person doesn’t have the jerry cans filled. Though over time the problem of petrol pumps has been solved to a great extent but it is one of the major concerns of people on a bike trip to Leh Ladakh. Do ensure to carry extra cans while on this trip from Manali. The Jammu Kashmir to Leh highways has an adequate number of options available throughout.

Online Services in Ladakh

Online services in Ladakh are one thing that still needs a lot of improvement because people having postpaid numbers of BSNL or Airtel can only access weak networks. Apart from these connections, none can find even the weakest signals throughout the area. Kargil is the last place where networks are good enough. Coming to Nubra and Zanskar, one can find payphones that can be used to connect with family and friends.

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