Nestled in the Kargil district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, 60 kilometers to the west, Drass sector is often dubbed as 'The Gateway to Ladakh'. The region first shot to prominence during the Kargil war, when there was an armed conflict between Indian and Pakistani troops. It is situated at an elevation of 10,990 feet and spans across a range from 16000 feet to 21000 feet. It is a starting point for a three day trek to the Suru valley. The trek passes through some breathtaking highland villages and flower filled meadows on both sides.


Drass valley is located 60 kilometers west of Ladakh and known as the second coldest inhabited region in the world. The valley starts from the foot of the Zoji-la pass and has an elevation of 10, 764 feet above sea level.


Located in the Kargil district of Jammu & Kashmir, Drass Valley starts from the base of the Zoji - la pass, also known as the 'Gateway to Ladakh'. In 1999, during the Kargil war, when Pakistani troops unethically intruded into the Ladakh region, the town saw artillery shelling by infiltrators. The war ended with the recapturing of the subjugated areas in and around the Kargil district.

Tourist Attractions of Drass

During the three-month long armed conflict between Indian and Pakistani troops, the physical landmarks of war such as Drass sector, Mushko valley, to lo-ling and tiger hill attained an epic status. During the 3 day long trek from the Zoji - la pass, you can visit various prominent attractions such as Treaty road and India Gate. Some places of interest in Ladakh include.

Drass War Memorial

Drass War Memorial was constructed to commemorate the martyrs of Kargil war.

Brigade War Valley

It was constructed to commemorate the martyrs of Kargil war.

Draupadi Kund

Located 18 kilometers away from Drass, named after the tragic female queen Draupadi, Draupadi Kund is the place where she took her final bath before dying in the Himalayas.

Mushko Valley

Famous for its variety of wild flowers, Mushko Valley is a prime attraction during the summer season.

Best Time to Visit

The summer season between May and September is the best time to visit Drass Valley.

Where to Stay

The tourist complex in Drass provides well furnished guest rooms and suites. There are some private deluxe hotels with good accommodation and modern facilities.

How to Reach

The buses plying between Srinagar and Kargil passes through the Drass sector. The local buses leave for Kargil in the morning and Drass sector in the afternoon. The capital of Kashmir, Srinagar is connected to Kargil / Drass sector via National Highway 1.

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