Nestled in the Kargil district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, 60 kilometers to the west, Drass sector is often dubbed as 'The Gateway to Ladakh'. The region first shot to prominence during the Kargil war, when there was an armed conflict between Indian and Pakistani troops. It is situated at an elevation of 10,990 feet and spans across a range from 16000 feet to 21000 feet. It is a starting point for a three day trek to the Suru valley. The trek passes through some breathtaking highland villages and flower filled meadows on both sides.

Cradled in the Kargil District of Jammu and Kashmir, Drass is often known as ‘The Gateway to Ladakh’.  The town is the second coldest inhabited place in the world and often features the best of the snowfall during winters. With temperatures descending down to nearly minus 40 degree, the valley remains snow covered even during late autumn or early spring.

Drass Valley also acts as the base for many long treks including Suru Valley and Amarnath Cave. A paradise for hikers, the quaint town also favor some of the shorter hikes and treks to the upland villages. Ardent hikers and trekkers can satiate their quest in just no time.  

Positioned on the foot of ‘Zoji La’, Drass spellbinds with scenic beauty. The town has something for every kind of traveler. Holidaymakers throng the town for adventure, serenity, wildlife hunt and spiritual enlightenment.

Places to visit in Drass

There are plethora of places to visit in Drass. From plush wildlife to religious shrines, the scenic town assures pleasing time with loads of memories to take back home.

Ningoor Masjid – A highly revered Muslim pilgrimage which attracts devotees to seek the blessings of Allah

Suru Valley and Saliskote – Popular trekking destination offering enthralling experiences to thrill seekers

Manman Top – Witness the breathtaking views of the Drass Valley and the Line of Control from Manman Top

Brigade War Gallery - Showcasing the information related to the 1999 war

Laser La – A luring hill station with crystal clear water and Laser La glacier is the best place to visit

Dras-Gurez Trek Route – Start trekking from Drass covering Ladakh to Gurez to Bandipora

Mushkoh Valley – The valley bewitches with numerous wild flowers that bloom during the summer months. A white expanse of the surrounding glaciers and a trekking trail leaves one spellbound.

Draupadi Kund – Associated with a legend of ancient times, the kund belongs to Draupadi, a notable character from Mahabharata

Bhimbet Stone – A revered stone for Hindu pilgrims

Dras War Memorial – The memorial commemorates the officers and soldiers who sacrificed their lives during 1999 war between India and Pakistan.

Minamarg – Minamarg is a beautiful region to behold

Tiger Hill – One of the highest peak in Kargil

Masjid-E-Jafira – A beautiful mosque that can be sighted from anywhere in Drass


Titled as the ‘Second coldest inhabited place in the world’ it is always surprising to know about the types of accommodation in Drass. A few guest houses and hotels offer a comfortable stay to the visitors. Equipped with basic amenities, these hotels consist of spacious and clean rooms.

Climatic Conditions

The scenic hamlet of Drass features chilly climatic conditions. A drop to as low as -45 degree Celsius is recorded in winters at Drass. Warm wear is a must even in summer.

Road Conditions

The 400-km long Srinagar-Leh national highway is led by a mountain pass. Encompassing the various hues of green, the route may sometimes lead to skipping and toppling of the vehicle if one is not careful about driving. There is a hassle-free ride after Zoji-La to Drass.

Best time to visit

Opening of the Zoji Pass in the months of summer makes it the best time to visit Drass. June to September are the months to plan a trip to Drass.

How to Reach

The buses plying between Srinagar and Kargil passes through the Drass sector. The local buses leave for Kargil in the morning and Drass sector in the afternoon. The capital of Kashmir, Srinagar is connected to Kargil / Drass sector via National Highway 1. The nearest airport is however Srinagar’s Shaikh-ul-Alam Airport and the nearest Railway Station is Jammu Tawi.

Additional Tips for Drass

  • Pay attention if your body starts showing any signs of discomfort
  • Walk at a slower pace, do not rush into things.
  • Consume sufficient water
  • Try to get acclimatize to cold weather
  • Try to overcome the high altitude sickness        

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