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Jispa is located in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, at an elevation of almost 10,500ft. It lies at a distance of about 20km from Keylong along the Manali-Leh highway. The village of Jispa, which is located along the River Bhaga, is dotted with several Buddhist stupas which is quite a common sight in the villages of this region.

Tourist Attractions in Jispa

One of the prime tourist attractions on the Leh-Manali highway is the Jispa Village. Located about 20 km from Keylong, and about 7 km from Darcha this is a beautiful village and a great location for travelers using the Leh-Manali highway for Ladakh.

It is not just the proximity to the highway or the location near Bhaga River alone that makes it a wonderful halting-place. It is situated in the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas and offers a pristine and peaceful environment to people. Jispa is one of the best destinations en-route Ladakh. It comes in the Lahaul and Spiti district making it intriguing for visitors already. Perched at a height of about 11,000 ft, Jispa is also dotted with several stupas and temples for devotees. Not only for the Ladakh visitors but even those who visit Spiti and Lahaul often stay in this village to enjoy the beauty around.

It is not just a halting station but there are some of the best places to visit in Jispa that have lured people frequently. Enjoy the serene and beautiful view of the landscapes around and do not miss out on the scrumptious food that the locals make. If staying in a homestay, enjoy the local cuisines. Jispa in itself is a wonderful and peaceful place to be at but the scenic sights of the valley and mountains around the place are something exceptional and totally amazing. Usually, people from different areas visiting Leh or Spiti have fun at this spot for a couple of days, take part in adventure activities offered by Jispa. This is a place that has more to what people usually think of it.

Best Time to Visit Jispa

Jispa is a place that can be visited any time in the year. But the best time to visit Jispa is between May and October. From enjoying the rugged mountain view to witnessing nature's beauty at its best; Jispa is about offbeat spots and much more. Apart from this, there is a helipad in the village that helps in accessing the area even in winters. So, people can visit here round the year.

Where to Stay in Jispa

Staying in Jispa is quite comfortable as it spoils travelers with a lot of options. Over time travelers visiting Ladakh have often spent a couple of days in the village. This has steered people in setting up different staying options. From comfortable inns to homestays, one can find a lot of cozy and home-alike places to spend a night or two. Almost all the accommodations in Jispa are equipped with basic facilities and amenities making it a good place.

How to Reach Jispa

If you too are concerned about “how to reach Jispa”, here is the best and easiest route. People having their private vehicle can head to Manali from Delhi, then to Keylong and after another 20 km, you will get to Jispa. Those travelers not using private vehicles can take a bus to Manali. From there, they can take a bus or shared taxi to Keylong. That is not the terminal for the bus or taxis but one can get down at Keylong. From there they can take any public conveyance to reach Jispa.

Map view:

Delhi- Manali- Keylong- Jispa

Petrol pump

One can get the fuel tank full from the Manali petrol station. After that, the nearest petrol pump to Jispa is in Tandi which is about 35 km from the Jispa village. No need to carry jerry cans filled with fuel to reach the destination.


  • Depending upon the time and duration of the trip, one can plan on visiting nearby places.
  • Dalai Lama Monastery is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Jispa village.
  • Create your entire itinerary of this place beforehand so that none of its attractions are left out.
  • While hiking or taking a walk to the nearby places ensure having some snacks and a water bottle in the bag you are carrying.

Travelling Tips to Jispa

  • There are a few patchy areas where it can be difficult to ride. Be prepared for challenging turf.
  • Make sure you have all the required documents.
  • It is important for people to keep medicines that are necessary for their backpacks. Jispa village is located at a daunting height that can be challenging for people staying at night.
  • For those who wish to set up their camp should ask for the same from officials so that they get the right place to settle. Also, do not set up the camp at some offbeat spot. Be close to the village.
  • For those wanting to camp should understand that camping needs strong ropes and at 11,000 ft. it is important for people to understand that the wind gets heavier and can rip off the camp if the ropes are not tied properly. Don’t use low-grade tents and ropes.
  • For those traveling on their bikes should keep the bike in a good condition. Regularly lube the chain so that the chances of chain failure are reduced to minimal.

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