Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill


Placed at an elevation of 5,353meters, Tiger Hill in Drass Valley is is a strategically important mountain peak overlooking National Highway 1D, serving as a gateway to Siachen Glacier and connecting Leh to Srinagar.

Tiger Hill shot into prominence after the major battle took place to take back the peak from the Pakistani Army who captured it in 1999. In fact, the battle for recapture of Tiger Hill or the ‘Point 4660’ is considered to be one of the most important battles waged by the Indian army against the Pakistani army during the Kargil War in 1999.

The Tiger Hill was recaptured in a three pronged attack by the Indian army which comprised of the Alpha, Charlie and Ghatak Company of the Grenadiers, Nagas and Sikhs. A contingent of 12-18 army men climbed a steep cliff - as portrayed in the Bollywood movie Lakshya based on sequences of Kargil war - of over 1000 feet for a surprise attack whereas 200 team assaulted up front with 2000 troops providing rear support.

On 4th of July, the peak was recaptured by Indian Army. In total 10 Pakistani soldiers were killed while 2 escaped. From Indian side the total casualty was 15. The hero of the battle of Tiger Hill was Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav of 18 Grenadiers, a part of the  Commando Ghatak Platoon, who was decorated with Paramvir Chakra; the highest gallantry award in India.

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