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Stok Kangri is the highest mountain in the entire Ladakh Region situated in the Zanskar valley. From the summit of this mountain, one can view the entire valley and surroundings. Also known as trekkers’ hotspot, Stok Kangri is an active trekking place for not just adventure junkies but families as well. It offers medium to challenging trekking trails for people to enjoy while staying in the valley. For those who wish to know what “Stok Kangri Trek” is; it is a complete package of obstacle crossing, climbing up the steep slopes, and enjoying the way up to 20,127 ft. This is a complete Stok Kangri travel & tourism guide that has all the important elements covered to help tourists in achieving what they desire.

Ladakh is a majestic place with tons and tons of refreshing, relaxing, and enchanting spots spread across its territory. One of the best amongst them is the popular tourist attraction Stok Kangri. Where some tourists love to visit Ladakh for sheer thrill others come here for enjoying their time or recharging their body in the peaceful environment of the newly made union territory. From the beautiful Leh city to the mesmerizing Pangong Tso, from one of the highest motorable roads on earth to the majestic valleys covered in white sheets of snow.

The entire trek is completed by a group of people in approximately 5-6 days for the round trip. The Stok Kangri trek is considered to be a gateway to paradise for more than one good reason. Being one of the most challenging trails of India, it is advised for those who have already done a couple of 18,000 ft. treks before this. It is not just the exhaustion that takes a toll on the body but reducing air pressure and oxygen. Nevertheless, all these elements together make it a wonderful trek to complete. Though there are several other trekking trails in Ladakh but this one is simply a gateway to heaven. While on the summit, the lucky ones get a chance to catch glimpses of the majestic K2 and other snow-clad mountains around. So here is the entire Stok Kangri Travel Guide that tells every important thing about the place and the trek.

One of the strenuous treks of Ladakh, Stok Kangri takes all the visitors to a serious altitude that needs acclimatization before starting the trek. All the tourists can stay at the Rumbak Village overnight at least so that their body gets used to the surroundings.

Tourist Attractions in Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri itself is the highlight of the entire region because of the thrilling and adventurous trek that’s on offer. The magnifin icent Kangri perched at 20,127 ft. is located south of Leh. It was declared as an open trekking circuit by IMF or the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Keeping in mind the trail starting from moderate and becoming challenging towards the summit, it is preferred for those physically fit. It is not just the astonishing height that fills the nerves with thrill but the view from the summit. One can gaze at the beautiful Zanskar and Karakoram Range and witness the K2 top as well. Apart from these, there are a few other tourist attractions around Stok Kangri such as: .

Stok Monastery

One of the main attractions of Ladakh located near Stok Kangri is the Stok Monastery. Known as Stok Gompa, it is a Buddhist Monastery located in the Southern Ladakh. Founded in the 14th century by Lama Lhawang Lotus it is a wonderful sightseeing spot of Ladakh having 108 volumes of Kangyur and a 71-ft Gautum Buddha statue.

Spituk Gompa

Also known as Pethup Gompa; Spituk Gompa is located 8 km from the city of Leh and it is known to be one of the finest attractions near Stok Kangri. This monument was built in the 11th century.

Shey Palace

A beautifully made palace that’s converted into a hotel where people stay. A great place to stay, Shrey Palace is one of the best tourist places to visit in Stok Palace. It is a very complex building tucked in a hillock. Shey was also called the summer capital of Ladakh.

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame as the name suggests is a war memorial and a burial ground. One of the finest attractions in Ladakh, the Hall of Fame is dedicated to soldiers who lost their lives in the battle with Pakistan. It is a symbol of pride, honor, and bravery.

Stok Museum

Stok Museum is the last place where one can find the remains and grandchildren of the royal family. There are sections made in this museum and some wings are occupied by the people of the royal family. The museum houses a lot of culture-related stuff, relics, and much more.

Sindhu Ghat

On the banks of river Indus, this ghat lures a huge crowd every year. People love to indulge in adventure activities in Ladakh, and this place offers white water rafting. One of the finest places for adventurers, peace lovers, nature lovers, and bird watchers.

Fairs and Festivals

There are several colorful festivals that are celebrated in Ladakh. Many festivals fall during the peak tourism season that gives all the tourists a chance to enjoy them while visiting the city. For those who are visiting Stok Kangri during summers can enjoy some of these. The best festivals that are celebrated in Ladakh include:

Best Time to Visit Stok Kangri

The best time to visit Stok Kangri is during the summer season when all the roads leading to Ladakh are open for travelers. Summers are usually pleasant and have the least obstacles in the path. Therefore, it is advised that one should visit Stok Kangri between Mid-May to October. During these months there would be no such problems to reach Ladakh and then Zanskar Valley where Stok Kangri is located. .

How to Reach Stok Kangri

It is easy to reach Stok Kangri base camp. People usually start their bike trip to Ladakh from Delhi or take the flight from the national capital itself straight to Leh. Upon arrival at Leh, it is advised the people should first spend a couple of days in the city to get acclimatized well. One who took a flight should definitely do this. From Leh one needs to reach Chang Ma, then Mankorma, then to the base camp. The base camp is at an altitude of 16,000 ft and the reach trek starts from there. The trekkers have to trek to the summit to reach Stok Kangri and which’s about 20,000 ft. above sea level. It is an astonishing height and one needs to be ready for every possibility. So if talking about the map, here is how you can reach Stok Kangri from Delhi.

Delhi- Leh- Chang Ma- Mankorma- Base Camp- Stok Kangri


Where to Stay Stok Kangri

The best options and categories of stay are maximum in Leh city. Then as soon as you reach Zingchan near Chang Ma, there is no stoppage. It will be a preliminary walk to this point. Upon reaching Zingchang, people can camp. After that camping is the only staying option throughout the trip until one returns to Leh. One has to do camping in Kangri La and then base camp.

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