Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park


Hemis National park is one of the most profound attractions of Leh Ladakh because of the presence of snow leopards here. Situated at an altitude between 3300 m to 6000 m above sea level, this national park is amongst the largest in the world. 

Hemis National Park is the largest in India as well as in the entire South Asia region. The National Park was established in 1981 and there are 6 villages that constitute this park. There are approximately 1600 residents in the Hemis National Park amongst which some are great campsites to spend a night in. This national park is also home to the 400-years-old Hemis Monastery. 

It is a paradise for adventure lovers visiting Ladakh because there are multiple hiking and trekking trails. Apart from this, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts also feel at home at the national park. 

You can visit here throughout the year but the summer months are known to be the best time to visit here for several reasons. During these months you can enjoy the greenery, adventure activities, and a lot of other things including a safari. 

Important things you should know about Hemis national park

Flora of Hemis national park

As you might already know, Ladakh experiences very less rainfall throughout the year because it is located in the rain shadow region of the Himalayas. This is the reason why most of the park is barren land or is covered with dry forests. But on the contrary, when you reach the lower altitude of the park, you will get to see fir forest. 

The 2 most commonly and extensively found trees in the national park are Steppe and Alpine that too in the lower altitude areas. The reason being, both these trees need minimal moisture. There are some plant species too that thrive in the area including dry birch and Juniper. The flora collection of Hemis also includes several medicinal and endangered species of plants. 

Fauna of Hemis national park

One of the main reasons why people plan on visiting the national park is due to its fauna. Hemis is rich in wildlife including some endangered and some rare species. You can also enjoy the sighting of several animals, birds, and reptiles that are found at higher altitudes only.

This national park is home to 73 bird species and approximately 16 mammal species. Some of the major attractions of the park apart from the rare Snow Leopards include bharal (bleu sheep), Himalayan Mouse Hare, shapu (Ladakhi Urial), Eurasian Brown Bear, Himalayan Marmot, Tibetan Wolf, and Red Fox. 

On the other hand, the bird watchers also find themselves in peace here because of the Golden Eagle, fire-fronted serin, robin accentor, red-billed chough, lammergeier vulture, and streaked rosefinch. 

Entry fee for Hemis National Park

The entry fee for Hemis National Park is INR 20 for Indians and INR 100 for foreigners. The visiting hours are between 9 am and 5 pm.

Best time to visit Hemis national park

The time between May and September is considered to be the best time to visit Hemis National Park because of the comfortable weather. With snow already melted, this time is also considered to be perfect for sightseeing around the park.

Visitors can also enjoy staying at camps, trekking, hiking, photography, birdwatching, and other adventure activities quite comfortably during these months. 

Where to stay in Hemis National Park?

There are no accommodations in or around Hemis National Park and it is better to stay at an accommodation in Leh City. Because Leh is approximately 40 km away and it will take you around 1 hour to reach here.

How to reach Hemis national park

There are multiple ways to reach the national park. If you are an adventure lover, you can take the trek from Spituk Village to the National Park. Apart from this, you can take public transport as your means to reach the park. You can then also take a trek of your choice in the park. 

FAQs about Hemis National Park

Ans: Yes, Hemis National Park is the largest in India. It covers 3,350 sq km and was established in 1981.

Ans: Yes, Hemis National Park is open for visitors throughout the year.

Ans: The entry fee for Hemis National Park is as followed:

  • Indian Visitors- 20 INR
  • Foreign Visitors- 100 INR

Ans: Approximately 50 km and it takes an hour to reach here. You can reach here by bus or by cab.

Ans: Yes, you get a lot of trails to trek on inside the Hemis National Park.

Ans: Hemis National Park is popular for its flora and fauna and the highlights here are the snow leopards. Apart from that many other species of plants, trees and animals reside in the park.

Ans: Taking a safari at Hemis National Park is what people always are keen for. If you too want to take a safari at this high altitude national park then there is one single option and that's by trekking. Motor vehicles are not allowed after a certain point and taking the safari becomes next to impossible if you deny taking it by foot.

Ans: Hemis National Park is located in the Eastern Region of Ladakh approximately 30 km away from Leh City. The park is largest in India and it sprawls in Zanskar Valley too.

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