Dosmoche Festival

  • Venue:

    Leh, Likir & Diskit

  • Start Date:

    7th February 2024

  • End Date:

    8th February 2024

Event Details


28th and 29th day of the 12th Tibetan month i.e., mid of February marks the beginning of the Dosmoche Festival in Leh, Likir and Diskit monasteries. It is the last festival of New Year Celebrations. The importance of Dosmoche festival, started by the royals of Ladakh, is to eradicate the evil.

It begins with setting up of a huge wooden mast decorated with flags and holy emblems outside Leh. Expert Lamas from Takthok Monastery who have forte in tantric practices and astrology make the intricate thread crosses to trap evil spirits, hungry ghosts and demonic forces. Lamas keep on reciting prescribed mantras during this.

A popular traditional dance known as sacred mask dance takes place. The dance is an exciting performance, a drama. It takes place in the patio of the old chapel below Leh Palace. At the end, the ritual offerings are burnt. The destruction with great pomp and show implies eradication of all evil spirits. People believe that by celebrating this festival, they will be safe from natural disasters in nearby future.

Interested in ghosts and spirits? This festival is a must visit for you while going on Ladakh Tours.

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