Sindhu Darshan Festival

  • Venue:

    Shey Manla

  • Start Date:

    1st June 2024

  • End Date:

    1st June 2024

Sindhu Darshan Festival Detailed Information


Sindhu Darshan Festival celebrate in June and a lot of travelers become a part of it every year. One such festival that’s celebrated in Ladakh is the popular Sindhu Darshan Festival. If you are traveling to Ladakh in June, it will open up a great opportunity for you to enjoy this mind-blowing festival of Leh-Ladakh. It is a 3-days long festival celebrated along the banks of Sindhu River (Indus River). 

Why is the Sindhu Darshan festival celebrated?

The answer to this question dates back to January 1996 when two veteran journalists re-discovered the Sindhu River (Indus River) on their trip to Ladakh. They wanted to celebrate this day as a festival because this river holds a lot of importance to Sindhi Hindus.

This river is also the reason why our country got the name Hindustan or India. Therefore, this festival was then introduced in India in 1997 to show the gratitude and enjoyment of Indians towards the river that provided them identity. And the festival has been attracting travelers and people ever since.

Where is Sindhu Darshan Festival held?

One of the must-see festivals of Ladakh, Sindhu Darshan Festival is held on the banks of the River Indus. The grand celebration that started in 2000 (3 years after the official introduction of this festival) takes place in Shey Manla. This is located roughly 8 km from the city of Leh.

When is Sindhu Darshan Festival celebrated?

Initially, when the Sindhu Darshan Festival was celebrated for the first time it was done in October. But from the year 2000, the festival was then celebrated in June. So, if you want to be a part of this festival in Ladakh, you will have to be at the venue in June.

Highlights of Sindhu Darshan Festival?

  • People from different states bring water from the river of their states and then pour it into the Indus River on the first day.
  • 50 Lamas offer prayers and conduct ceremonies on the first day.
  • There are a lot of cultural events that take place during this festival.
  • There is a sightseeing tour that’s arranged for visitors.

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