Mar 1

Matho Nagrang Festival

  • Venue:

    Matho Monastery

  • Start Date:

    1st March 2018

  • End Date:

    2nd March 2018

Event Details

Matho Nagrang is celebrated at a Matho monastery on the 15th  day of the 1st  month of the Tibetan calendar. This monastery is the only one belonging to the Sakya School of Tibetan Buddhism. During this two -day festival, there are mask dance performances by monks of the monastery while wearing colorful silk brocaded robes and mask depicting various forms of God and Goddesses. The festival is popular as two oracles, after full month meditation in complete isolation make their appearance, in the courtyard accompanied by mask dancers. They make predictions about  future happenings. Locals from far-off places come to seek their advice for handling any sort of a problem.

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