Yargon Tungshak Festival

  • Venue:

    Yarma (Nubra Valley)

  • Start Date:

    12th February 2024

  • End Date:

    13th February 2024

Event Details


Come winter and Ladakh becomes energetic to celebrate Yargon Tungshak Festival. People from far and near gather to witness the well-known Cham Dance aka Mask Dance. The zeal to celebrate this festival is quite apparent from the flamboyancy of the region.

Performers dressed up in multi-colour attire and big masks will cast a magical spell on you. A unique combination of loud drum beats and low-level syllables is a strange melody, which makes this festival even more interesting.

Not only the mask dance but also the delicious cuisines compel you to attend this festival once in a lifetime. Gurgur Cha, skyu and thupka are not to miss delicacies while enjoying this festival. One can also hear the enchanting of a grand religious prayer in the monastery. Monks utter various sacred Sanskrit and Tibetan chants.

Want to experience this amazing festival? If yes, then book your package to Ladakh. It will commence from 12th February 2024 and will run till 13th February 2024.   

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