Nov 5

Chemday Wangchok Festival

  • Venue:

    Chemray Monastery

  • Start Date:

    5th November 2018

  • End Date:

    6th November 2018

Event Details

Chemday Wangchok Festival is celebrated in Chemdrey Monastery which was erected by the great Buddhist guru Lama Taktsang Repa in Ladakh (44 km from Leh). This festival marks the victory of good over the evil. The 28th and 29th day of the ninth month of Tibetan calendar marks the beginning of this festival. This year it is falling on 5th-6th November 2018.

Drukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhists in Ladakh are the true devotees of this festival and celebrate it with great pomp and show. All the monks who have been meditating for a week, perform a signature ‘mask dance’ for these two days. Along with the mask dance, various worships are also conducted in the 365 years old monastery. The festivals commences with a Mandal Pooja on the second day. So hurry up and get ready for a Ladakh tour.

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