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Even on the darkest days, the sky doesn’t let the light dim down in Ladakh. Which is one reason heaven envy the ‘land of high passes’. A drive out of your city can open ways to top attractions and offbeat places to visit in Leh Ladakh. These places aren’t typical, not a lot of travelers know about it, so you can think we have something exclusive to share. Which in a way makes you special!

Take a look at the list of 9 unexplored places in Ladakh which are rare diamonds, so as to say!

1. Turtuk, the search for paradise begins and ends here


Swinging to the lullaby of Ladakh in the northernmost part of India, this farming village has lived it’s days away from the crowd of travelers. But it doesn’t mean that Turtuk loves curious minds any less. Popularly known as village divided by border, this attraction lies close to the Siachen Glacier, the largest in the Indian Subcontinent.

Turtuk has been a part of Pakistan till late 1971, after which it joined the puzzle of India. The land of Baltis (people of Turtuk) was open to tourists from 2010. From the sweet-smelling apricots, smiling faces, wheat farms, every experience at this offbeat place in Ladakh just elates the heart. Besides, you can take a trek down to a waterfall or make your way to the royal palace.

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2. Uleytokpo is all about gripping adventures


Peace streams down on the land of Uleytokpo, a small village some 60km away from Leh. This lesser known attraction lies on the way to Lamayuru and is the la la land for adventure lovers. This is because Uleytokpo is a camping base which dips in the charm of Indus River.

Further, this charming village is surrounded by spectacular sights of the Lamayuru Monastery, Rizdong Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Likir Monastery, and Mangyu Temple. But travelers have to go that extra mile to reach all these places and can end the day by river rafting in the Indus Valley.

If you plan a trip to Ladakh in the month of July or August, then you are in for the famous Yuru Kabgyat Festival. This 2-day celebration is devoted to Yama (Lord of Death) and Padmasambhava (Lord of Wealth). The main highlight of the festival is the masked dances performed by monks, also known as Cham dance.

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3. Basgo, time travel to the once culturally important land


If given a chance to go back in time, history buffs would rush to Basgo. Once a wealthy village, holding great cultural and political importance, all that’s left now are just the ruins. But don’t be disheartened as Basgo in Ladakh district still has the ravages of a 15th-century royal palace and a monastery. The Basgo Monastery has three temples namely Cham Chung Temple, Serzang Temple, and Chamba Maitreya devoted to Maitreya Buddha. Interestingly, the monastery has copper statues and wall painting that depict the life of Lord Buddha.

Moreover, the deserted village is overshadowed by the different hues of the mountains. The warm hospitality of locals here would make you stay a little longer.

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4. Sumur, get love locked at the sight of this holy stopover


Next on the list of hidden gems of Ladakh comes the name of Sumur. It is a village which is cradled at an altitude of 10,827 ft., on the banks of River Nubra. It is known among the locals for the nearby Samstanling Gompa. This monastery has been a part of the Nubra Valley since 1841 and houses a beautiful painting of deities. Travelers have to hike for 45 minutes from the village to reach the holy shrine.

Along with that, Sumur is open to hikers who love discovering something new every other second. The trails here lead to other villages which are settled on higher altitudes.

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5. Panamik is the key to mind blowing landscapes and healing


Panamik is the next village in this blog that will love visiting on a Ladakh tour. This attraction is settled in Nubra Valley, some 55 km away from Diskit and also close to Ensa Monastery. It is known for hot sulfur springs. Travelers aren’t allowed to go any further than this village as it sits close to the Siachen glacier, the world’s highest battlefield.

The hot sulfur springs (10,442 ft) are considered to have medicinal properties which can heal diseases. Travelers have to take a permit to visit this village in the Nubra valley.

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6. Rangdum, find your purpose amid the rejuvenating setting


Somewhere on the stretch of Kargil and Padum, the Buddhist village of Rangdum will catch your eye. It is said to be the last hamlet in the isolated area of Suru valley and is visited for the monastery by the same name. Rangdum has two sides to it, one which has colorful hills and the other is dotted with glaciers and mountains.

Talking about the Rangdum Monastery, it is a 16th-century gompa which is home to around 40-45 monks. The overall vibe is peaceful and soothing, the walls are adorned with beautiful frescoes and have statues as well.

If you are planning to spend some time here on your vacation in Ladakh or going to Padum, you can find refuge in the handful of homestays.

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7. Changthang, a valley which cherishes the bliss of Tibet and Ladakh


Counted among India’s five ‘bio-diverse regions’, Changthang is a part of Ladakh not explored by many. Cuddled at an elevation of 14,846 ft, this high altitude valley which finds its place in the heart of Tibet and Ladakh.

The valley stretches from eastern Ladakh to Tibet. The area is dominated by Changpa, the nomadic pastoralists, and the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary. Snow leopards, bharals, gazelles, wolves, and regional birds are found here.

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8. Rumtse is every nature lover and trekker’s dream come true


Rumtse is a tiny settlement which opens doors for trekkers to the shimmering Tso Moriri Lake. The village is the loving child of the Rupshu valley and is blessed with natural beauty in abundance. The valley itself is bejeweled with mountains, pastureland, and arid plains. An unknown fact about Rumtse is that it is the first human settlement on the route from Lahaul to Ladakh.

Further, the journey to the lake of Tso Moriri begins from Rumtse and is a 9-day hike. The lush greenery and river banks keep you enchanted and makes one feel differently about Ladakh. You can take a look on our Best tour Packages for Leh Ladakh which will make your vacation planning much easier.

9. Upshi is the loving home of Pashmina goats (Pasmina goat’s fur = Pashmina Shawl)


Last on the list of unexplored places in Ladakh is Upshi. This village is on the Leh-Manali Highway and plays along the Indus River Valley and Tanglang La. The bonniness of this hamlet is hard to miss if you are in Ladakh. The Changthangi goats or Pashmina goats are pampered by the locals as from their fur the famous Pashmina shawls are made.

When it comes Leh Ladakh tours, it is obvious you will fall prey to the famous attractions. But we can always save some journeys for exploring just the extraordinaire. Which is why we thought of jotting down 9 unusual places in Leh Ladakh, which are just known to the keen hearts. Hope you liked the blog and if you have any thoughts on the same, do comment below. It was happy traveling with you, keep following us for more such interesting sojourns.

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