Thiksay Monastery

As we all know, Ladakh is popular for its incredible & beautiful monasteries! These monasteries tell us about the rich culture of Ladakh through their architecture, ancient texts, paintings etc. Nowadays some of monasteries in Ladakh have also started to offer the facility of stay for tourists.

Today, we have listed 5 spectacular monasteries in Ladakh in our blog where you can stay!

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1. Thiksey Monastery

Thiksay Monastery


One of the biggest and most famous monasteries of Ladakh, Thiksay monastery is known for its wonderful architecture, spectacular views and holy importance but today we are going to reveal something new. Now you can stay inside the Thiksay Monastery. Yes, it is true! The monastery welcomes guests with love and care. One can enjoy a blissful stay amid the blissful home of the religious order of Buddhism.

The monastery provides rooms with basic amenities where you can stay for limited and can experience the culture of Ladakh very closely. Try meditation in the serene and peaceful ambiance of Thiksay. Watch the monks and nuns go about their daily rituals. You can also dig in to learn about the science of Buddhist spirituality in the well-stocked library of Monastery.

2. Lamayuru Gompa


Lamayuru Gompa is doubtlessly one of the most enchanting monastery outside Ladakh. The area around the Lamayuru Monastery is known as Moonland, as the rock formations in this area looks similar to moon landscapes. There is an amazing serenity surrounding the Lamayuru monastery as it rests in isolation away from the main town. The ambiance is pure and one that makes you believe in the power of prayers.

The Lamayuru monastery lies on the way leading to Leh from Kargil. Around 150 monks lives in Lamayuru Gompa. There are some options available for tourist to stay inside the Lamayuru Monastery or in homestays and guesthouses in the village. There is also a wonderful restaurant in Gompa that serve delicious Tibetan fares. Visiting Lamayuru is an experience in itself and for those looking for complete silence and isolation.

3. Hemis Monastery


Hemis Monastery is the biggest and richest monastery in Leh Ladakh. Lying few kilometers away from Leh city, Hemis hides a mesmerizing view of a barren hilltop. The monastery is most famous for its annual festival, Hemis festival which is famous for its colorful dances, vibrant rituals and excellent ambience. The Hemis monastery also provide stay facility for the tourists who want to come and spend an extended time. The spectacular surroundings and scenic locales are truly intoxicating. You would be beyond excited to known this is one of the monasteries in Ladakh where you can also stay with special request.

The Hemis monastery is accessed by thousands of tourists every year and the numbers are only increasing with each year. The ethereally divine feeling of attending the morning prayers leaves one truly fascinated and awe-struck. If you are contemplating a visit to Ladakh, then this is the place that you should not miss!

4. Phugtal Gompa

Phugtal Monastery

Built around a natural cave on verticals of a rugged mountain, Phugtal monastery is extremely isolated. It is one of the most spectacular monasteries in Zanskar Valley in Ladakh. To reach Phugtal is very challenging as one needs to cross the Zanskar Rangdum road. The main monastery is inside a cave in the cliff gorge. The beauty and architecture reflects the ancient Indian art. The ambiance is truly fascinating and visitors do not wish to return.

The Phugtal monastery also provides stay facility for tourist as like some other monasteries of Ladakh. The experience will be mind blowing of staying at Monasteries of Ladakh. Marvel at breathtaking beauty. Perform prayers and rituals. The 14 inhabiting monks are always ready to share their wisdom with you. Let’s make stay at monastery and learn about the cultural legacy, history and other mysteries of the Buddhism.

5. Rangdum Gompa

Rangdum Monastery

One of the truly worth visiting monasteries in Ladakh, Rangdum Gompa is snuggled in the isolated Zanskar valley. The Gompa stands alone on a hill looking over the tiny village below. It is one of the stops for trekking in the region. Experience pure peace by camping at the monastery.

The monastery is quite a small one with 40 monks and few cattle but they are willing to share their stock with visitors. Life at monastery is slow and peaceful. The monks are very friendly and ready for interesting conversations. They share their knowledge Tibetan Buddhism while spending time in the boundaries. You can help in the chores, go exploring or indulge in games with the village folk. The amiable people open their hearts and houses for visitors.

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