Ladakh has a lot of amazing destinations and most of them offer adventurous sports and activities to the visitors. One such activity is offered in the Zanskar Region in the Markha Valley. Even though really distant, it can be probably the favorite traipsing walk across Zanskar, in spite of the considerable challenges it has on offer.

The trekking trail offers a great time visiting multiple villages and destinations throughout the trip. It is one of the best trekking trails in all of Ladakh. This kind of travel is usually a considerable hunt for The stark splendor involving Ladakh plus the vistas cover for all your problems any particular one has even though hiking coupled this particular thin air frosty wilderness.

Everything You Must Know Before Heading for Markha Valley Trek

Insight about the Markha Valley Trek


The path moves over the great Hemis Countrywide Park your car and the ones having an enthusiastic vision will probably place The azure lambs plus the ibex. Traversing waterways in addition to waterways in addition backpacking pertaining to extended stays within this frosty sweet is surely expertise that will the handful of can certainly not allow a particular set up his or her reminiscences.

While you cross punch The Kanda L . a. (4870 m), clamber by means of gorges along with lower all over barley and also mustard job areas, The magical attraction connected with remote control Ladakhi towns around the option tempts someone to create a separation in the nuts episode that people phone area existence.

Backpacking more above thin air pastures, reminding among oases inside a wasteland, anyone accomplishes the greatest level on the travel (5200 m), via wherever extraordinary sights from the Karakoram plus the Himalayas depart anyone spellbound. A short time in the future The journey stops with the superb Hemis monastery, using its comfortable austerity inviting people returning to any milder as well as the acquainted entire world.

Highlights of Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley trek ensures the presence of two things without a doubt, the first is the adventure and the second breathtaking view along the path. Here are a few highlights of the entire trek:

  • It allows even the best trekkers to enjoy Himalayan trekking and it introduces the best of the Himalayas to the visitors.
  • You can also witness the culture and hospitality of Ladakh’s other side.
  • You will be trekking on some astonishing turfs and the two high passes of the union territory which are Kongmoru (5200 m) and Ganda La (4900 m).
  • Markha Valley trek is popular with the name “The Tea House Trek” and tourists can expect accommodation in parachute tents in villages on the route.
  •  You can have a look at the astonishing Kang Yatse and Stok Kangri which are two other important peaks of Ladakh.
  • While trekking you will be crossing the Hemis National Park.
  • En route one treks through rocky canyons and multiple Buddhist Villages.

Quick information about the trail

Here are a few things that the traveler should keep in mind while taking this trail. This information will not only help in making the trek better but you will be well-prepared for things ahead.

  • Markha Valley Trek has three starting points; Chilling, Stok, and Spituk. You can choose any of these are your embarking point.
  • Usually, people start their trek from Spituk because that’s the popular side but on the contrary, you will be gaining altitude rapidly.
  • You will be gaining approximately 1500 m in a matter of 2 days.
  • It is a 6-days trek.
  • When it comes to difficulty, the maximum you get is Level 3 and that is at the higher points.
  • The maximum elevation gained in the entire trek is at Kongmaru La which is 5260 m.
  • The total distance you will be covering throughout the course of 6 days is 78 km.
  • The best time to take this trek is between June and August when the temperature is comfortable and you won’t have to worry about rain or snow.

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Markha Trek Route

The entire trekking route is heart throbbing with people staying in camps, meeting with new villagers, knowing about different languages and cultures, and so much more. All of it is becomes a wonderful prospect throughout the route. So, if you are planning on taking this trek, you can choose this route.

Leh to Zingchen and then to Yurutse

Zingchen is approximately 1.5 hours away from Leh. So, get a cab or rental taxi to reach here. From here on your trek would start. As this is your first day on Markha Trek, you will just trek for 3-4 hours at max. It will help your body in acclimatizing to the higher altitude and also understand the quantum of effort that will be required for the completion of Markha Trek.

Your body will need both these things because hereon things are just going to become tougher. You will halt at the Rumbak Village after walking for hours. The trek will end for the day at Yurutse which is a village situated at an astonishing altitude of 4150 m (approximately). This is popularly known as “one house village.’

Tip: Drink lots of water and eat well to remain charged up and not lethargic.

Yurutse to Skiu

After having your breakfast early, pack your bags and then move forward on your journey. The next stretch for you will be Yurutse to Skiu. The end terminal of your day’s trek sits comfortably on a lower altitude of 3400 m. This means after an ascend your day will end at a considerably lower altitude. The highest point for you on this stretch will be Ganda La which sits at 4900 m.

It depends on person to person as to how much time they take to cover this stretch but most people finish this in 8 hours approximately. The total distance people trek between these terminals is approximately 14 km. Therefore it is always advised that one should start early and end early. Your camping station will be Skiu Village which is at the confluence of Shingo and Markha Valley.

Tip: The accommodation throughout the journey will be in camps. 

Skiu to Markha

Now you will be trekking to the main area which is Markha and it will be your destination for the day. You will be descending further to 3800 m on reaching the next stop. To reach here, you will again be crossing multiple streams Passing through multiple gorges, and waterlogging. To enter the Markha Village. This is known to be one of the remotest places in Ladakh. People visit here to know more about the culture and art showcased by Markha Villagers.

Because you will be coming down the mountain, it will be quicker to reach Markha. The entire day’s trek will again have 12 km approximately but now you will require 6 hours. This place is very serene and you will find a few houses, a small monastery, and a deserted fort.

Tip: It is always better to travel light because doing this will help you to walk for long hours in a single go. 

Markha to Thachungtse

The next stretch of trek trail is to Thachungtse after crossing Hankar. Now you will have to ascend to reach Thachungtse which is located approximately 4100 m above sea level. Hankar is going to be a halt point where you can take a breather and enjoy some delicious meals. From the village, you can see some wildlife, a fort, and a monastery on the cliff.

The entire place is surrounded by rocky mountains and once you cross the village of Hankar, it becomes serene and greenery goes behind you. The entire stretch takes 5-6 hours of walking in which a person covers approximately 10 km between these terminals.

Tip- This section will be easier and quicker to travel. 

Thachungtse to Nimaling

A lot of people do not stop at Thachungtse and they prefer to hurry up things and reach Nimaling otherwise. You get a good path throughout this trail with multiple inclines and grassy ridges in series. You will love this section because most time people encounter snow as the height you will be ending your day will be an astonishing 4728 m.

You too can skip the last endpoint and reach here directly but that would be too risky because you will have to cover a lot of grounds. On this trail patch, you will come across multiple Mani Walls that are the carvings done by Buddhist prayers. The entire stretch is approximately 10 km and it requires about 6 hours to reach here. While you cross this place, you will understand why people say that this is one of the most gorgeous valleys of Ladakh. Here, Kang Yatse II is the highest peak.

Tip- Do not rush in your trek at any point because as you move forward, your body keeps adjusting to the changes.

Nimaling and Chukdo

The next coming up for you is the Kongmaru La which is the highest point in the trek and is at an astonishing 5260 m. This place will give you chills and excitement. While you reach here, there would be a few more rivers tributaries, and streams to cross. The entire trip will be of approximately 9 hours where you will cover not less than 12 km. Here you will get to stay in a hotel after a number of days spent in camps.

This will be your last point on the trek and after this, you will head straight to Leh. It is better to take this trek in a group.

Tip- Keep dark chocolate or energy bars in your backpack so that you can have a bite whenever you feel the need for the same. 

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It might sound like an exciting and enthralling trek which it is, but you should be aware of the things that can become a concern in no time. Being careful throughout your trip will not only make it way better but allow you to enjoy all the elements en route. While you traverse through the different regions, keep yourself hydrated and full.

Before you head out for this trek, make sure you have a guide and a group. Nevertheless, the beauty and charm of the valley and other elements around Markha are exquisite. Meeting new people, exploring villages, and conquering challenging turfs is going to be a constant throughout the trip.

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