Ladakh – a traveler’s dreamland with massive lakes, high altitude ranges, deep valleys and scenic trails. The ‘land of high passes’ is also known for facilitating the best adventure sports in Leh Ladakh. No other destination comes close to when talking about the thrill and excitement that is on offer at Leh.

From mountain biking to trekking and from river rafting to camping, each and everything you’re going to try will give goosebumps.  So, before setting out for an enthralling escapade, quickly check out the list of adventure activities Ladakh is famous for!


Ladakh Motorcycle Tour- Vishal Chauhan

The rugged terrain of Ladakh challenge you to test your Motorbiking Skills. Get bewitched by riding on a scenic trail full of exciting experiences. If the thumping sound of the bikes reverberating in the valley doesn’t evoke the rider in you then nothing else will! Dare to cross some of the highest passes of the world via Motorbiking tour in Ladakh. Kick start your bike and let your wilder side free!

Best Routes for Motorbiking Tour in Ladakh

The tricky roads of Leh pave way for superb bike rides. However, the best destinations for Motorbiking in Ladakh are as follows:

  • Leh – Pangong – Leh
  • Leh – Khardung La – Nubra valley – Leh
Best Time for Motorbiking Tour in Ladakh

Mid-June to Mid-October is the best time for Motorbiking Tour in Ladakh as all the passes remain open during this season.

Tips for Motorbiking Tour in Ladakh

It is better to be safe than sorry. Following are the tips for Motorbiking tour in Ladakh:

  • Carry extra woolens and rain covers.
  • Check your bikes and get them serviced well in advance.
  • Carry extra oil and accessories with you.
  • Proper documents and a medical kit is a must.
  • Stay hydrated and keep some extra food all the times with you.


Trekking in Ladakh- Virender Rajput

There could be nothing better than Trekking for exploring the scenic vistas of Leh Ladakh. Spectacular monasteries, river gorges and lush meadows lead you through a way that you will love to travel for a lifetime. Boast of trekking through a frozen river at the popular Chadar Trek. Suit yourself to choose from a short trek or a longer one. Either way, you can rest assured of the best moments of your life by opting this one of the best adventure sports in Leh Ladakh. While Trekking in Ladakh you will come across the astonishing villages, rare animals and gleaming lakes.

Best Destination for Trekking in Ladakh

Following are the best destinations for Trekking in Ladakh –

  • Markha Valley Trek
  • Chadar Trek
  • Stok Kangri Trek
  • Nubra Valley Trekking
  • Sham Valley and Indus Trekking
  • Hemis to Padum Trek
  • Trans Zanskar Trek
  • Tso Moriri Lake Trek
Best Time for Trekking Tour in Ladakh

June to Mid-October is the best time for Trekking Tour in Ladakh as the scenic vistas can be appreciated during this season. However, January – February is the best time to go for Chadar Trek.

Tips for Trekking Tour in Ladakh

Following tips for trekking tour in Ladakh can work wonders:

  • Get acclimatize before going on a trek.
  • Wear woolen clothes to bear harsh weather.
  • Keep torches with extra batteries.
  • Wear waterproof shoes with solid grip and sole.
  • Keep things like camphor for inhaling when you run short of breath.


mountaineering in ladakh

Mountaineering in Ladakh – a mighty bliss for all the adventure aficionados out there! Surmount the imposing snow-cladded giants of Leh Ladakh and feel on the top of the world. Confront with the bone-chilling air and yet manage to make ways to known and unknown peaks. The arid mountain-scape lures many photographers and professional mountaineers. Mountaineering in Ladakh is not only for fun here, but it is also associated with the religious aspect as well. Many monasteries lie on the top and are thronged with lots of devotees.  Bask-in the breathtaking views and feel proud of your mountaineering trail.

Best Mountaineering Sites in Ladakh

Following are the best Mountaineering Sites in Ladakh

  • Stok-Kangri
  • Matho West
  • Gulap Khangri
  • Konglacha Peak
  • Kantaka
  • Pir Panjal Range
  • Zanskar Range
  • Nun-Kun
Best time for Mountaineering in Ladakh

Mid-May to Mid-October is the best time to do Mountaineering as the region remains undisturbed by the monsoon.

Tips for Mountaineering Tour in Ladakh

Due to harsh climatic conditions and other features, following tips for Mountaineering Tour in Ladakh must be followed –

  • Prepare yourself for acute mountain sickness.
  • Keep moisturizers and hydrating things handy.
  • Carry harness, ropes and slings with you and check their quality.
  • Keep some extra woolen clothes.
  • You might be requiring goggles, lotions, potions etc.

River Rafting

River-rafting-in- Ladakh

Traverse your Kayak in the perilous water of the Zanskar and feel that adrenaline pump in your veins! Soak-in the beauty of deep valleys, outstanding landscape, hilltop monasteries, towering snow-covered peaks, glimpses of the unique wildlife and hillside hamlets. White water rafting in Ladakh is best adventure sports in Leh Ladakh that swings the mood of the rafters while navigating down the feral Indus River. With river rapids ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 4, the expedition to the ‘land of White Copper’ is simply thrilling. Whether a newbie or a pro, river rafting is a must thing to do in Ladakh.

Best River for River Rafting in Ladakh

Indus and Zanskar Rivers are the best rivers for river rafting tour in Ladakh. Apart from these, following routes feature exciting river rafting opportunities.

  • Phey – Saspol
  • Upshi – Kharu route
  • Saspol – Khaltsey
  • Kharu – Spituk
  • Phey – Nimmo route
Best Time to go for River Rafting in Ladakh

Best Time to go for River Rafting in Ladakh ranges from June to August as the water level remains high during these months.

Tips for River Rafting in Ladakh

Following Tips for River Rafting in Ladakh can aid you while paddling through the gushing water.

  • Select a professional, licensed rafting agent.
  • Even if you know swimming, always wear a life jacket.
  • Follow the instructions of your raft master.
  • Paddle properly and don’t move unnecessarily in the boat.
  • Learn some basic swimming tips before trying hard level rafting.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Ladakh

Excited for exploring the one of the highest motorable road, Khardung La on a bicycle? Undoubtedly, mountain biking in Ladakh is not for all those planning for a pleasant holiday with family. This arduous activity is for the daring ones.  Although a popular mountain sport yet it can sometimes prove to be an onerous ride even for the champions. Gear through the twists and turns and capture some of the best moments of your life. Amidst the tedious voyage, the amicable local culture comes as a delightful bliss. Cycling through the valleys, markets and villages, halting and conversing with people, savoring the local cuisine in remote areas make your trip last forever!

Best Destination for Mountain Biking in Ladakh

Pedal through the following Best Destination for Mountain Biking in Ladakh

  • Khardung La
  • Pangong Lake
  • Along the banks of Zanskar or Indus River
  • Nubra Valley
  • Thiksey Monastery
  • Spituk Monastery
Best time for Mountain Biking in Ladakh

Best time for Mountain Biking in Ladakh is from the end of June to end of August because of the good road conditions during this time.

Tips for Mountain Biking in Ladakh

Check out the Tips for Mountain Biking in Ladakh

  • Don’t forget to keep your sunglasses.
  • Keep your speed under control.
  • A thorough inspection of your bicycle is a must before starting the expedition.
  • Keep all your accessories safely.
  • To keep your ears warm wear buffs while cycling.


Camping in Ladakh

Set your souls free while camping in Ladakh! Whether you are self-camping or are camping at the site, you will be bewitched to the core. Sleeping under the star-lit sky, scenic views, bone-chilling weather and the fluttering sound of tents proffer a memorable night. The adventure activity is nearly equal to self-introspection and mediation. Spending some time alone amidst the awe-inspiring place will make you fall in love with yourself. Be pampered in the lap of nature and end up in a different world altogether by choosing luxury camps by TUTC near Thiksey Monastery.

Best Sites for Camping in Ladakh

Thinking of the Best Sites for Camping in Ladakh? Read below to know about them.

  • Pangong Tso
  • Tso Moriri
  • Thiksey Monastery
  • Spiti Valley
  • Nubra Valley
Best Time for Camping Trip to Ladakh

June to August is the best time for Camping Trip to Ladakh as the weather opens up and summer is in full bloom.

Tips for Camping Tour in Ladakh

Mentioned below are the Tips for Camping Tour in Ladakh.

  • Don’t camp at the restricted places.
  • Fasten your camps properly.
  • Stay close to the villages or water stream.
  • Stay well-hydrated and warm
  • Don’t forget to bring the essentials along with you

Jeep Safari


Jeep Safari is one of the most famous and thrilling adventure activities to do in Ladakh. Counted as the most comfortable, easiest and safest way to explore the area, riding a jeep through rugged places offers a unique thrill. Start each day with a new excitement to celebrate the wildness of the land. The peace and serenity offered by the tranquil mountains are matchless. It is just you, your dear ones, your jeep and infinite vistas that cast a magical spell!

Popular Routes for Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Popular Routes for Jeep Safari in Ladakh are as follows:

  • Pangong Lake
  • Manali to Leh
  • Tsomoriri Lake
  • Zanskar and Suru Valley
  • Nubra Valley
Best Time to go for Jeep Safari in Ladakh

July to September is the best time to go for Jeep Safari in Ladakh. Keeping in mind the road conditions, this season is considered appropriate.

Tips for Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Before and while riding the vehicle, follow these Tips for Jeep Safari in Ladakh

  • Choose a vehicle that is suited for rugged terrain.
  • Let an experienced and professional driver drive the jeep.
  • Get extra fuel with you if you’re going by your own vehicle.
  • Check the jeep thoroughly before boarding.
  • Get ready to face high altitude sickness.

Camel Safari


Camel is usually known as the ‘Ship of the Desert’ but finding a camel in a ‘cold desert’ sounds impossible. What if you have to voyage across the Moon Land and steep mountains on a camel? If a chill ran through your spine bone and you are still determined to try this, then Camel Safari in Ladakh is only for you. Time to ride the shaggy Bactrian camel, a camel with two humps, which are found only in the Nubra Valley.

Popular Destinations for Camel Safari in Ladakh

Following are the popular Destinations for Camel Safari in Ladakh

  • Nubra Valley
  • Diskit Valley
  • Hunder Valley
  • Bubra Valley
Best time to go for Camel Safari in Ladakh

June to September is the best time to go for Camel Safari in Ladakh because of the pleasant weather.

Tips for Camel Safari tour in Ladakh

Keep in mind the following tips for Camel Safari tour in Ladakh

  • Ride in soothing temperature.
  • Carry a padded cushion to sit on.
  • Pack sunscreen, goggles and moisturizer.
  • Bring some extra woolen clothes.
  • Grip the reins when camel is moving.

Quad Biking


Satiate your adventure lust by enjoying Quad Biking in Ladakh. A matchless experience steering through one of the highest motorable passes in an ATV awaits for you. Admire the mesmerizing beauty en route and sway through the crisscross roads. Riding an ATV can set the spirits high of all the thrill seekers. Quad biking is all about action and burning rubber. If driving is the reason you live for then this adventure activity is for you. Ride the 4X4 beast and conquer the destination.

Popular Destination for Quad Biking in Ladakh

The popular destinations for Quad Biking in Ladakh are as follows

  • Nubra Valley
  • Magnetic Hill
Best Time to go for Quad Biking in Ladakh

Since summer offers exciting Quad Biking experience in Ladakh, April to Mid-October is the best time to go for Quad Biking in Ladakh.

 Snow Leopard Trek


Snow Leopard Trek is the best thing to experience on an adventure trip to Ladakh. No other sports come close to this jaunt. A face-to-face meet with the blue sheep, snow panthers, Tibetan wolves etc. will be imprinted on your mind forever. Take some time out to cherish the old legends of the Rumbak Valley. Titled as the ‘popular winter trek’, the adventure activity commences in an area where human existence vanishes. What accompanies you is a wild stretch of rugged mountain housing varied fauna. Hemis National Park is the destination to participate in this trek.         

Best time to go for Snow Leopard Trek

Snow Leopards can be spotted from November to March thus this is the best time to go for Snow Leopard Trek.

Tips for Snow Leopard Trek in Ladakh come handy while enjoying this ethereal trek.
  • Beware of the twists to encounter.
  • Make provisions to keep yourself warm by carrying extra woolens.
  • Do not get to close to the wild animals.
  • Carry good trekking or hiking shoes.
  • Pack some dry fruits and dried apricots for you.

Additional Tips for Travelers

By now, you might have been aware of the tips to follow while involving in some of the best adventure activities in Leh-Ladakh. However, there are some additional tips for travelers, planning a trip to the ‘Land of high Passes’.

Acclimatize – Titled as the ‘Rooftop of the country’, Ladakh is known for its chilly weather conditions. Even the summer is cool here! Thus, it becomes very much necessary to acclimatize yourself with the changing climate. People usually suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness.  So do take care of it!

Permits – Some restricted areas of Ladakh require permits to travel through them for a shorter period. So, make sure that you carry a Ladakh Protected Area Permit if you are a Foreigner and Ladakh Inner Line Permit if you are an Indian or National tourist.

Packing – Packing is done depending on the season you’re traveling to Ladakh. However, essential things which are mentioned below are must to carry.

  • Woolen clothes
  • Muffler
  • Gloves
  • Shoes with good soles
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Postpaid Sim
  • Extra Cash

Behavior with locals – Ladakh is a home to amicable people. The hospitality offered here is worth all the praises. Thus, be polite with the locals. Try to understand their sentiments. Respect their culture and feelings. And, last but not the least, make the most out of your adventurous trip to Leh Ladakh.

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