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Petrol Pumps on Manali – Leh Highway : You Should Know Before Traveling!!

Leh Petrol Pump

If you are planning for a road trip to Ladakh via Leh – Manali Highway, then the first point of concern is the availability of petrol pumps at this highway. As we know Manali to Leh route is the ultimate challenge for bike riders. Petrol, the basic fuel for the road trip is a prized..

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Nubra Valley Now Becomes More Accessible For Foreigners


One of the most popular attractions of Ladakh, NubrarnValley has been blessed with several man-made and natural wonders. Due tornsecurity reasons, the entire valley was not accessible for the foreign nationals.rnHowever, the Union Ministry of Home has now modified the ‘Protected ArearnPermit’ (PAP) for foreigner nationals, visiting Nubra Valley of the Lehrndistrict. This has resulted in a more peaceful scene at the line of control (LOC)rnin cold desert of Ladakh.