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Petrol Pumps on Srinagar – Leh Highway: You Should Know Before Traveling!!


One of the major concerns of travelers going to Ladakh is the availability of petrol pumps on Srinagar Leh highway, Manali- Leh highway, and throughout the internal circuit.  In the past 10 years, Ladakh Tourism has risen significantly on many fronts. People can now freely self-ride and self-drive to various attractions in Leh-Ladakh. But there..

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Colorful Festivals of Ladakh to Enjoy With Family

Haven’t you heard- “The remote areas have the brightest and colorful festivals?” Never mind, if that’s unheard because you certainly would have heard about the pristine and mesmerizing beauty of Ladakh. Sounds familiar? Another popular thing is the colorful festivals that are celebrated in Ladakh with family. Surely, this might be ringing some bells. So,..

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What to Pack for Chadar Trek: Universal Packing List for Frozen River Trek


Chadar Trek that happens in the Zanskar Valley on the Zanskar River is one of the most enthralling winter treks in India. Every year hundreds of avid adventurers and seasoned travelers find themselves in blood-freezing Zanskar Valley to enjoy this sport. If you too are planning on completing this trek, there is a list of What to Pack..

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8 Places Near Ladakh You Can Not Miss

Nubra valley

Ladakh, the land of high passes and extremes is a popular tourist destination for adventure enthusiasts. Among the most beautiful places in India, Ladakh sends a welcoming invitation to ardent tourists to explore its outskirts and nearby places. The calm beauty of the places near Ladakh attracts a huge number of tourists every year. To..

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