As exciting as it may sound, traveling to Ladakh needs a lot of planning, especially when traveling on the Manali- Leh highway. Everything has to be taken care of, from keeping your vehicle in check to knowing the fuel stations. Things can become challenging for riders and drivers with lesser civilization thriving around this highway. But, isn’t that what Ladakh is famous for, “CHALLENGES.”

If you are planning a road trip to Ladakh via Manali, your first concern should be the availability of petrol pumps on the Leh – Manali highway. The Manali to Leh route is undoubtedly the ultimate challenge for bike riders and car drivers. Petrol, the basic necessity for road trips, is a prized possession on this route as there are limited petrol pumps, mainly 4, on the entire 475 km route. Our blog talks about the available petrol pumps between Manali to Leh. However, the Manali to Sissu distance is another factor to consider if planning additional detours.

Motorists taking a Ladakh road trip must carry extra fuel in a jerry can or other containers from Manali. Fuel is available in villages, but the quality is not guaranteed. It is advisable not to take such fuel, but in an emergency, use a thin cloth to filter out the impurities while filling your tank.

Distance between Manali and Leh

There are now two ways to reach Leh via the Manali Highway: the Atal tunnel and the traditional Rohtang Pass route. However, the Manali Leh road status should also be checked before starting your journey to ensure a safe trip.

Distance between Manali and Leh via Atal Tunnel- 428 km

Distance between Manali and Leh via Rohtang Pass- 474 km

Manali- Leh highway Travel Time

Though the entire stretch from Manali to Leh can be covered in 18 hours, that’s a difficult task. The ideal time to cover this stretch is 2 days. Sufficient rest is necessary for both man and machine.

Petrol pump options on Leh- Manali highway

Traversing this Manali Leh highway map trail is tricky. There is a complete stretch of 345 km from Tandi to Karu without petrol pumps, so it is essential to know where the pumps are. But when you opt for Ladakh tour packages from the Indian Holiday, you don’t need to fret over the nearest fuel pumps. Our experts will ensure you have enough fuel to avoid getting stuck during your trip.

Manali Petrol Pump

Manali Petrol Pump

Manali has a couple of petrol pumps where you can fill your tanks to the brim and reserve a few liters. Once you leave this petrol station, the next petrol pump on the Manali—Leh road route is at Tandi.

Tandi Petrol Pump

Tandi Petrol Pump

Tandi Petrol Pump is approximately 110 km from Manali. Do not forget to tank up here; you have roughly 345 km to cover without any petrol stations nearby. The next petrol pump is in Karu.

Karu Petrol Pump

karu Petrol Pump

Karu, 345 km from Tandi and 30 km before Leh, also has a petrol pump. Carry a funnel or a pipe to make refilling easy and convenient.

Leh Petrol Pump

Arriving in Leh, there are 2 petrol pumps in the city. You can also refuel at the petrol pump near the Leh Airport (25 km from Leh).

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Manali to Leh Tour Packages

Do I need to carry extra fuel or petrol on Manali- Leh Highway?

It is essential to understand that fuel reserves are necessary while traveling on the Manali—Leh highway. Once you leave Manali, there is a scarcity of petrol pumps, and you might be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, keeping extra fuel to refuel your vehicle at regular intervals is important.

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Where do you need spare fuel for the Manali to Leh Trip?

After you leave Manali, the last petrol pump you will find on this route will be in Tandi, approximately 110 km from Manali. After that, there are no nearby petrol bunks for another 345 km until you reach Karu. During this stretch, you must manage the fuel wisely and keep refueling using the spare cans you have.

How to manage fuel availability in Leh Ladakh?

Managing fuel availability in Leh Ladakh requires resourcefulness. You can use jerry cans and cold drink bottles as reservoirs, ensuring they are airtight and leakproof. It’s best to keep the cans for later use and utilize the fuel in the cold drink bottle first. This strategy will help you refuel quickly and efficiently, ensuring you’re never caught off guard by fuel scarcity.

What if my bottle leaks and fuel drains away? Will I be stranded on the highway until someone comes by?

Firstly, you need to be very careful about your reservoirs. But if you see that the fuel is dripping away, you can either get it fixed or transfer it to another bottle. If none of this can be done, you must buy fuel in black. It will depend on the person giving you the fuel and how much they will charge for it. But in an emergency, you can ask for fuel at the tents and dhabas in Sarchu, Zingzing bar, and Pang.

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