best bike for Ladakh Road trip

Ladakh and road trips are almost like adjectives and inseparable. Since the very beginning when people started going to Ladakh, they felt happy and excited about the road trip. And that’s why people search for the best bikes for Leh Ladakh road trip. The challenges that the high-altitude passes offer, the astonishing beauty and eye-arresting panoramic view of the landscape- everything makes Ladakh a wonderful place to be at.

But as much as people like taking road trips to Leh-Ladakh, they also have to consider opting for a bike that makes the trip comfortable yet exciting. It is true that not many people think about this but you should. Afterall, Ladakh is not an easy trail. You need to have a bike that is good on performance and has a sturdy balance between ergonomics and power without missing out on the comfort even if it is just marginal. Making it even better are the options in the Indian Market. 

If you are planning on taking a motorbike trip to Ladakh, you should definitely make sure that the bike you choose is able to take all the beating this enticing trail has on offer. From high-altitude passes to cold temperatures, slushy roads to unwinding roads; you have to keep all of it in mind. 

So to make it better for you, we have created a list of the best 10 bikes that you can completely rely on. Not only will they have an adequate amount of power but if taken good care of, it will give you the best of experience throughout. 

Here are List of Top 10 Best Bikes for Your Leh Ladakh Road Trip

  1. Royal Enfield Himalayan
  2. Royal Enfield Classic 350
  3. Hero X-pulse 200
  4. KTM 250 Adventure
  5. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350
  6. Bajaj Avenger 220
  7. Bajaj Pulsar 220 F
  8. TVS Apache RTR 200 4v
  9. TVS Apache RTR 160 4v
  10. KTM Duke 200

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan is one of those bikes that is made for everything. It zooms past every terrain like a piece of cake. Even if it is Ladakh, Himalayan can do it easily and keeping in mind the making and power of the bike- it won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the best budget bikes in India for a Ladakh trip. Irrespective of the fact that it is a solo bike trip to Ladakh or with a pillion, this bike won’t have a problem at all. Royal Enfield Himalayan has always been a powerful and sturdy motorcycle to ride. What has made it better now is a refiner engine and higher ground clearance.

The long suspension stroke, grunty engine and a cage chassis makes it a wonder bike to ride in Ladakh. To make things even better, the manufacturers have placed it at a very considerable cost. This 400 cc bike is one of the most budget friendly adventure tourers in the Indian bike market. The pillion seat of the bike is amazingly comfortable. Like many other tourers, if you wish to make multiple trips to Ladakh or somewhere else, install a saddle cage and enjoy your modified tourer.

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 411 cc
  • Power– 24.3 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 15 litres
  • Mileage– 30 kmpl

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Yet again we have a 350 cc bike that’s from the Royal Enfield house. It is a bike that has already made it’s legacy in the Indian market. This is a bike that has made years and years of off-trail biking easy and comfortable. In the terrain like that of Ladakh, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 serves as the right companion. It is a bike that will never give you any hiccups during your Ladakh motorbike road trip. Not only does it get the thumping exhaust note that Royal Enfield is famous for, it also has given some more features to the bike making it one of the best in the current bike market. Bullet has a very simple to assemble structure which means, even if you face a breakdown at any point throughout the trip you can get it fixed anywhere without any issue. 

This retro-looking bike has a grunty engine that can pull you from any situation. To be honest, Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the most preferred bikes by Indians when it comes to traveling to Ladakh. There are multiple options that a person gets to enjoy so this is also a good thing about the manufacturers, isn’t it? 

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 346 cc
  • Power– 19.1 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 13.5 litres 
  • Mileage– 35 kmpl

Hero X-pulse 200

Boy O boy, Hero has created a gem or we can say the best budget off-roading bike for the Indian motorbike market. And there is no denying the fact that this is an absolute stunner. Firstly, it comes under 1.4 lacs, second it is a light-weighted motorcycle, third the ground clearance of the bike is the best-in-class. Xpulse 200 is a 199 cc bike that has the traits of a full-fledged sports tourer. People going on a road trip to Ladakh, prefer using this bike for more than one reason. Needless to say that Xpulse is extraordinary in its performance too. 

Even after being a 200 cc bike, Hero has managed to offer considerable power in the Xpulse. Not only that, the rider can enjoy a greater torque while riding the bike. The ergonomics of this motorcycle is so well-made that even if you take a pillion with yourself, you won’t feel any problem at all. The bike feels so grounded and the thicker wheel base gives more traction with the ground. Make sure that you have all the gears with you including a riding jacket. 

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 199 cc
  • Power– 17.8 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 13 litres 
  • Mileage– 40 kmpl

KTM 250 Adventure

One of the finest and newest editions to the biking market of India, KTM 250 Duke Adventure is simply going to make a perfect companion for your Ladakh Trips. This is one of the recent tourer section bikes that has made an entry in the market with a bang. Not only does it have the heart of Duke but the power as well. What makes it even better of an adventurer’s bike is the ground clearance, expansive and cushioned seats, a TFT display and a comfortable riding position. Although, you will be getting these things in many bikes but KTM has brought everything under one roof with this beautiful bike. 

KTM 250 Adventure is a quarter-litre bike that can easily conquer the high passes, adversity of roads of Ladakh and other things. There is no denying the fact that this is one of the best choices to make if you want to visit Ladakh with your brand new bike. Additionally, the bike looks stylish and amazing even in the cities. 

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 249 cc
  • Power– 29.5 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 14.5 litres 
  • Mileage– 30 kmpl

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

Yes, this is the third Royal Enfield bike on our list and this too deserves a place in the list. Although this bike comes in two variants, one is the 350 and the other one is 650 but we have included the smaller capacity in our list. While you plan for a bike trip to Ladakh, there is no denying that cruisers are some of the best choices. Some people love tourers though. But when it comes to having a pillion for your Ladakh bike trip, a cruiser like the one we have here is an exceptional choice. 

It comes with a padded pillion seat that gives a good thigh support too. Moreover, you will also enjoy the backrest which again is padded. And when you thought it can’t get any better, the bike comes with a huge 20 liters fuel tank and it delivers approximately 35 kmpl of mileage. And just to top it all, it delivers 19.8 bhp of maximum power. All of this together is simply unbeatable and that’s the reason why many people prefer to take this bike with them. 

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 346 cc
  • Power– 19.8 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 20 litres 
  • Mileage– 35 kmpl

Bajaj Avenger 220

If there was a bike that cannot be any better for a tourer then it has to be this one. An affordable option that has everything you want is Bajaj Avenger 220. This is one of those bikes that can be taken easily to Ladakh. Not only does this motorcycle offer power but immense comfort. Many couples who plan on buying a bike and visiting Ladakh, do take this one as their option. It is an amazing machine that has enough ground clearance and a double-padded pillion seat with backrest.

If you are renting a bike in Ladakh or any other place, even if you are considering the options from friends, you can opt for the Avenger as your ride. Do not think twice if you have a pillion too. There can’t be any better comfort than this one. It is one of the best bikes and most preferred one too for people visiting Ladakh.

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 220 cc
  • Power– 18.7 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 13 litres 
  • Mileage– 38 kmpl

Bajaj Pulsar 220 F

There is no denying the fact that Bajaj Pulsar has a different level of fan following. It is one of the most preferred and sold bikes in India. And there is a reason for that. Bajaj Pulsar 220 F is one of the editions of this tribe and it is absolutely top-notch in performance. Pulsar 220 F is a bike that has millions of admirers and users throughout the globe. It is a generously refined machine giving an output that can be good enough for even the toughest of trails. 

If you are looking for a bike for Ladakh and then your daily use, Pulsar 220 can be your pick. Without a doubt you will enjoy the comfort as a rider. Pillions do not share the same comfort though but the top-speed of the bike is also something it boasts of. 

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 220 cc
  • Power– 20.11 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 15 litres 
  • Mileage– 38 kmpl

TVS Apache RTR 200 4v

Yes there is a 2.0 version in the market now but that doesn’t change anything. Apache RTR 4v is a game changer for TVS. It is one of those bikes that has been helping people enjoy off-roading activities much. It has a super refined engine and one of the best in class. This bike makes sure that you do not have any problems commuting to and from Ladakh. Even though it is a city commuter, don’t be afraid to take it to any off trail. Ladakh has always been a go-to destination for people and Apache right from the beginning has been a sweet bike to take to the off-roading trails. 

Just keep in mind you have got the bike serviced before going to Ladakh. It is important because this will bulletproof your entire trip. You would not have to worry about anything else apart from this. During your trip this bike can pull you through adverse road conditions and also give you a chance to enjoy the refinement. The handling and ergonomics of the bike are absolutely top-notch. 

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)- 197.75 cc
  • Power– 20 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 12 litres 
  • Mileage– 37 kmpl

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TVS Apache RTR 160 4v

There is no denying the fact that Apache RTR 160 4v is an absolutely amazing choice to make when it comes to going for a road trip to Ladakh on a bike. This bike is light, has good handling, enjoys comfort, makes good power and torque, and so much more. What is more important here is that it has an amazing mileage to offer with that. 160 4v is also preferred by a lot of people and they love taking a trip to Ladakh using this bike. 

The motorcycle comes with a host of technologies that help combat adverse situations easily. Making it better is the power it makes even though having a small engine. The company has also given it a set of DRLs that will illuminate your path ahead.  

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)– 159.7 cc
  • Power– 17.39 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 12 litres 
  • Mileage– 45 kmpl

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KTM Duke 200

Yes, there is another bike that belongs to KTM and it is an absolute stunner after the upgrade it got. It now has more refinement, power and seat space. The bike has enough torque to see you through the off-roading. Looking at the power and other specifications, Duke 200 is a good one and you can rely on it for your convenience. 

So, once you are set to go for a bike trip to Ladakh, you can rely on this bike without any problem. Even if you have taken a pillion with you, there won’t be any problem for you. Being a tag of power, Duke 200 also gets amazing power making it a sweeter deal for you.

  • Cubic Capacity (CC)- 199.5 cc
  • Power– 25.4 bhp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity– 13.5 litres 
  • Mileage– 33 kmpl


If you have already decided to go to Ladakh on a bike trip, then the above-given list is going to help you a lot. There is no denying the fact that a lot of bikes are not listed here but the ones that are, will not let you down. There are a lot of other things that you will have to keep in mind while taking the bike trip because you should be well-prepared for your Ladakh Trip. 

From a riding jacket to gloves and layers of warm clothes is a must. If you can, buy water resistant shoes so that you are able to enjoy the ride. Because even if you are visiting here during June, the water puddles will have ice cold water. So to prevent yourself from all of that, it is better to make your trip comfortable throughout.  

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Faqs About Best Motorcycle for Ladakh Bike Trip

Can I rent a bike in Leh Ladakh?

Yes you can rent a bike in Leh Ladakh. There are a lot of service providers that are lending bikes to people and it has been increasing ever since. If you want to enjoy a bike trip, you can rent it from Ladakh itself. There won’t be a problem because the internal circuit of Ladakh is also astonishing and exciting. 

To make it better, the bike options available with the service providers in Leh Ladakh for rent are more. This means, you get a lot of biking options in the market without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is look out for them. Most probably you will have no problem in finding a bike from the above list if you wish to rent a bike in Ladakh.

Which is the best month to go on a Ladakh bike trip?

The best month to go to Ladakh is June when all the roads and entire Leh Ladakh circuit is open for tourists. The summer months between May- end and September (October at times) is the duration between which people plan to make their Leh Ladakh road trip. This is the time when the circuits from both sides are accessible. 

June being the hottest month of the year in India is also the best time for people to visit here as accessing the newly made union territory during the time is quite easy and amazing.

Is it safe to travel Ladakh by bike?

Yes, traveling to Ladakh by bike is absolutely safe and a lot of people do that every year. All you need to make sure is that you have the right bike, all the gears, and yes, the right time too. Many riders from across the country plan and take this trip every year. 

So, if you are having any second thoughts about taking a solo road trip to Ladakh then just wash all of it away because it is quite interesting and people take it without any problem. Just select an ideal bike and go on with your enjoyment.

Is bike rental available in Leh Ladakh?

Yes, bike rental is available in Leh Ladakh and you can also rent a bike here. If you do not want to spend time riding all the way to Ladakh, simply reach here by flight and enjoy a bike ride from here. There are a variety of bikes that you can rent from here. And do not be in a mindset where you will think that if the entire trip isn’t taken, you will miss out on all the fun. That is not going to happen. You will still have fun. To know about bike Rental in Ladakh, Click Here!

How many days are sufficient for the Leh Ladakh Road Trip?

10 day approximately. Although, this question is highly subjective as it depends on a lot of things like the time you want to spend at a single destination. How many destinations do you want to cover during your trip? How fast can you ride? And so on. There are multiple things that a person has to consider while accounting for this question. But the duration mentioned above is for a comfortable trip to Ladakh from Delhi. It is subjective as we have mentioned above, so calculate it for yourself accounting every factor.