What to pack for Leh Ladakh is a common question in every traveler’s head. Without a doubt, Ladakh is one of the finest places for adventurers of all kinds. This wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a hub for nature lovers too. The diversity of vistas, amazing landscapes, and beautifully designed monasteries do lure a lot of people other than these two categories.

But as exciting as it may sound from the outside, visiting Ladakh, especially by road needs a lot of curation and consideration. If you are amongst the people who wish to take a road trip (especially by bike) to Ladakh then there is a lot of things you will have to make a note of. Right from the petrol pumps on the Srinagar-Leh highway & Manali-Leh highway to the accommodations in Leh Ladakh.

Things are worth making a note of because Ladakh is not just enthralling but challenging too. Be it Leh, Nubra, Zanskar, or any other region of the union territory; you must and advisably keep an eye on things that are important. It is not just the weather to safeguard yourself from but a lot of other things as well.

One needs to know a few things because Ladakh is a high-altitude destination where things can get bad quickly. So it is very important that you make a note of the below-listed places. Here is a list of things to Carry for Leh Ladakh.

Things to Carry During Your Trip to Leh Ladakh

List of things to carry on your trip to Leh Ladakh

1. Documents

While you travel to Leh Ladakh, you will be crossing a lot of borders and checkpoints. Even while traveling in Ladakh, you will have to cross multiple checkpoints. So your documents are the most important things for a smooth trip. Some of the important documents that you should pack include all your identity proof, driving & vehicle license (if traveling by your vehicle), the printed route map, passport-size photography (for obtaining the Inner Line Permit/Protected Area Permit), an emergency contact number should also be there with you. Make sure to have a printed copy of medical insurance as well as the hotel reservation slips. All of this is important and if you keep them in the backpack, it will be good for you.

2. Clothes

Do not be under the impression that Ladakh will be comfortably hot rather it will be the other way around. Throughout the day you will feel comfortable but if you visit high-altitude places like Khardung La, there are chances that you may encounter snowfall even in June. That’s one of the rare things that can happen but you should keep that in mind too.

The climate in Ladakh is very unpredictable and due to the high altitude, it becomes even more difficult to forecast. Therefore it is very important and advisable that one should pack accordingly. Keep jackets and sweaters in your bag so that if it becomes chilly you can put them on.

Also, even in mid-June when most of the country has a scorching sun Ladakh still remains comfortably on the cooler side. The nights are cold and all your warmers will be life savors during the night. Therefore, pack clothes wisely and not keep the other regions of India in mind. And if you are planning on a bike trip to Ladakh, you will have to wear clothes in layers because that’s the way to keep away the cold and lock the heat inside the body.

3. Footwear

Another important thing that should not be neglected while packing your bags for Leh Ladakh includes footwear. Having sturdy, grippy, and hard sole shoes is what you should wear. From people taking a road trip, to trekkers and hikers everyone should wear these shoes. And those who do not fall in this category like the ones who are taking a flight to Leh and then going for a simple sightseeing tour should pack good footwear.

4. Luggage

This one is especially for those taking a road trip. Keeping your bags light is very important because the roads leading to Ladakh are very challenging in multiple instances. One will have to ride on a slurry-filled road, cross water logging areas, and roads with granules; all of this is going to happen, and having a lot of luggage might be problematic for you. Also, you should consider buying or using a multipurpose bag. This way you will be able to contain more things in less space. There are many rucksacks that have all the properties; look for one of those. It will help in depacking and re-packing your stuff quickly and easily.

5. Medicines

One of the most common problems that people face while visiting Ladakh (especially in high-altitude regions) is AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness.) While heading to Ladakh, one should not consider this problem as a joke and should take all the necessary measures on time. Due to the high altitude and less oxygen, there have been times when people felt suffocated and breathless.

If you have any pre-medical problems then it is better to keep that in mind and keep all the medicines related. People who are in their old age or ones who have had a problem related to breathing in the past should see their doctors before leaving home. This way, they would understand the criticality and will get the measure to be taken during the visit.

Make a first aid and keep all the related medicine quite accessible in your backpack. This way, if there is an emergency with you or someone else on the trip, you will be able to use the medicines to provide or get the first aid as quickly as possible.

6. Electronics

Electronic items are also essential on the trip to Ladakh for a lot of reasons the videos and images you click here will be memorable and just like souvenirs from Ladakh. Do not forget to carry your camera, tripod (if possible), a stabilizer, and a power bank at least. If possible you can keep a multiple socket surge protector so that while you charge your gadgets. They are safe, additionally, you can charge multiple gadgets together.

7. Cash

Believe it or not, you will have to and should keep a sufficient amount of cash in your possession throughout the trip. Apart from Leh, you won’t be able to find an ATM anywhere in the entire Ladakh. And the connectivity is going to be an issue throughout the union territory. So keep sufficient cash to use along the trip.

8. Sundries

Your clothes are not going to be enough to protect your skin. The dryness in Ladakh can take a toll on your exposed skin as well as the one that’s covered by clothes. Keeping all these things in mind, do consider having a few sundries in your backpack too. It includes the lotion to keep the skin moisturized, sunscreen with maximum SPF, lip balm, face cream, and oil. All of this will safeguard your skin from the dry winds and sunrays in Ladakh.

9. Eatables and Water

Ladakh is cool even in June and the urge to drink water is very less. While visiting here, especially on a road trip, make sure that you keep sipping water now and then. It is very crucial and important to do so because it saves you from water deprivation and other related problems too. Also, having some nuts, fruits, or energy-giving eatables is also important. Keep yourself filled up because if not- tiredness, restlessness, nausea, and other problems will be prevailing and can hamper your entire trip.

10. Accessories

In the accessories section, you should keep in a few things like goggles (polaroids preferably) to protect your eyes. When you go on a sightseeing tour or a hike, the sunlight that reflects from the ice can damage your eyes a lot. Apart from this, you should also keep gloves, extra pairs of socks, a warm cap, and a mask to protect your skin as much as possible. It will also keep you warm during your entire trip.

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Packing Tips for Leh Ladakh

Apart from all the above “What to pack things” here are some important packing tips for Leh Ladakh. Have a quick look at these so that you are able to bulletproof your entire trip. It will give you a great time without any hurdles as that’s what you would be wanting, right?

• Keep your luggage as light and as little as possible, especially if you are planning your trip to Ladakh by bike. The less luggage you have the better it becomes for you.
• Better keep all your eatable and water bottle either easily accessible or make a separate bag for it.
• Your medical kit, documents, and toiletries should be kept on the top areas of your backpack. It makes it easier for you to access them whenever in use.
• While traveling to Ladakh, keep a small amount of cash in different locations. Keeping all the cash in one place might increase the risk of losing all at once.
• Rather than keeping multiple hoodies, bomber jackets, and other thick clothes, pack sweaters and other things that can be worn in layers.

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Ladakh is one of those destinations in the world where people visit for a lot of fun. Especially the ones who love adventure a lot. But with all the fun and enjoyment comes responsibility and careful assessment. If you keep both of these in mind, you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. We have also mentioned a few important packing tips for Leh Ladakh so that you can be helped even further. So, do follow the tips and have a wonderful time at one of the finest locations in the world.