Uleytokpo is one of the beautiful secrets of Ladakh. It is well-known as the base for treks and camping in the mystical Ladakh. Savor the most beautiful experiences amid snow draped mountains of the Himalayas. The offbeat locale lacks no beauty, Ladakh is so blessed with. In fact, the charming appeal is unique adding to the craving travelers have. Besides, the thrilling pursuits of adventure the lure is the tranquil ambiance and the ancient monasteries nearby. Ulleytokpo is the paradise you are looking to escape hustle-bustle of cities. You can stopover at the offbeat town before you begin your ultimate Ladakh adventure.


The Ladakhi village of Uleytokpo is located 70 km west to Leh. It lies on the Leh – Srinagar Highway. Set at an altitude of 10, 000ft (3040m) the village serves as an introduction to the 'Land of High Passes'. For a wonderful holiday in Ladakh this is an ideal stopover for acclimatizing to the challenging climate and altitude.

Tourist Attractions

The serene ambiance of Uleytokpo is what lure visitors to the beautiful village. While the tranquility is the perfect setting of a wonderful time, there is also much more to see and do. Camping in the area is popular. Also, trekking to the scenic trails in Ladakh begin from here as many treat the village as a base camp.

Among the popular tourist attractions is the Lamayuru village. The region has earned its name for its unique lunar landscapes and goes by the name of 'Moonland'. Another popular site to check is the Yundrung Monastery of Lamayuru. The ancient monastery dates back to the 11th century and has roots with Tibetan Buddhism. Here you can explore marvelous statues of Buddha, wall paintings and attractive wood carving.

Also among the must-visit places to visit in Uleytokpo are Chulichan Nunnery and Rizong Monastery. One of the few Buddhist nunneries in India, Chulichan serves as home for women who have accepted to serve the divine. To get to Rizong, you need to embark upon a nice easy hike 2 – 3 hrs.

Though not very close but you can also check out popular site is the 11th Century Likir Monastery. A gift by the fifth king of Ladakh, the monastery is home to 120 Buddhist monks. Also, proceed for a visit to Alchi monastery for its millennium old paintings.

Fairs and Festivals

Offbeat location of Uleytokpo is the reason why it celebrates no fairs and festivals. Lamayuru Monastery's Yuru Kabgyat is the most popular of the celebrations in the village lasts for two days. Cham Dance, the tradition of monastery festivals in Ladakh is the highlight. The masked dance involves the mythological tales of Buddhism and the local legends.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is from May to September as the roads to Ladakh open for its visitors. These months are also the best time to visit are Uleytokpo. The roads open in summer as the snow melts and continues till the onset of winter. The lack of rains also make monsoon a good time to plan a trip.

How to Reach

Uleytokpo lies on Leh-Srinagar Highway. Motorcycle tours gives the perfect option to get to the village. Opt to fly to the Leh airport from one of the domestic airports in India, there are frequent options from Delhi. Though the ultimate challenge is the bike tour from Manali to Leh then proceeding to Srinagar.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in Uleytokpo are some adventure-filled camps. Besides these, the local village hosts visitors. Homestays are a blissful choice for visitors to experience the true Ladakhi lifestyle, food and hospitality.

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