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Ice Stupa in Leh Ladakh

Ice Stupa in Leh Ladakh is a form of glacier engrafting technique that culminates in artificial glaciers, used for storing winter water in the form of a cone-shaped ice heap. Two huge artificial glaciers in Phyang village, built in the form of Ice Stupa by environmental engineer Sonam Wangchuk, stand sky-high even during the summer. These Ice Stupas need little effort and investment that can be used to provide water for agriculture and other purposes during spring and summer. The idea of artificial glaciers is not new to Ladakh.¬¬¬ you can hear the soft dripping of melt water which flows down through a large pipe linked to the reservoir. The water is then taken to develop a large fertile plantation area in the village.

Who Invented Ice Stupa?

Ice Stupa was invented by Sonam Wangchuk in Ladakh and the project is launched by the NGO “students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh” in October 2013. When Sonam Wangchuk saw villagers struggling for water in Ladakh then he came up with this solution.

How Ice stupas help people?

Ice stupas help people by storing frozen water so that it can be used to drench crops in the driest period of the year.

As a tourist what one can see or learn by visiting these stupas

Ice stupa is a man-made glacier. It is generally a method to store frozen water in cold places like Leh Ladakh. Ever since it has attracted thousands of tourists. One of the most interesting things to explore when you visit the Ice Stupa is Ice Cafe. This natural cafe has been developed by the Border Road Organization officials in collaboration with the local youths. You can have hot tea, coffee or noodles inside this cone-shaped ice structure while wondering at the creativity the cafe is based on.

Best time to Visit Ice Stupa in Ladakh

To experience the glorifying beauty of Ice Stupa you should visit the area where an Ice Stupa is built during the winter seasons.

Where to See Ice Stupas in Leh Ladakh

You can explore Ice Stupas in Phyang Village in the Leh Ladakh, the Himalayan region of northern Indian.

What attractions are near Ice Stupa Artificial Glaciers?

You can explore some popular attractions near Ice Stupa such as Alchi Monastery or Alchi Gompa, a Buddhist Monastery on the banks of Indus river located about 36.30 km from the capital Leh; Hemis Monastery, the supreme monastery situated 40.18 km from Leh; Diskit Gompa or Diskit Monastery,7.34 km from Leh, Hall of Fame, a museum built by the Indian Army in the memory of the brave Indian soldiers who laid down their lives; Thiksey Monastery; and a unique Ice Café or a restaurant built inside a vast Ice Stupa.

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