Author: Debasree chakraborty

A travel writer by profession and self-professed addict to literature, momos, dancing, music and traveling, Debasree Chakraborty has all interesting things to share. Go through her penned down travel experiences and collected intelligence in her write ups. Read on!

The Most Popular Tours in Ladakh to Get a Dose of Adrenalin


‘Land of High Passes’ Ladakh is a region in Jammu and Kashmir that fascinates travelers from all over the globe. Leh Ladakh Tours is one of the sought holidays in India. The mountains draped in snow, high-altitude mountain passes, meandering roads, crystal-clear lakes, ancient monasteries, lush valleys, and the far away from the world location..

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All about Cham Dance : A Ritual Dance by Tibetan Monks


The Cham Dance is a vibrant masked and costumed ritual with roots in Buddhism. Associated with the Tibetan Buddhism that prospered in the Great Himalayan Mountain Range, it is a religious tradition performed by monks. The ritual is performed for the greater good of humanity, destruction of bad spirits and for moral instruction to viewers…

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5 Spectacular Monasteries in Ladakh Where You Can Stay and Unwind!

Thiksay Monastery

As we all know, Ladakh is popular for its incredible & beautiful monasteries! These monasteries tell us about the rich culture of Ladakh through their architecture, ancient texts, paintings etc. Nowadays some of monasteries in Ladakh have started to offer staying facility for tourists. Today, we have listed 5 spectacular monasteries in Ladakh in our..

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Petrol Pumps on Manali – Leh Highway : You Should Know Before Traveling!!

Leh Petrol Pump

If you are planning for a road trip to Ladakh via Leh – Manali Highway, then the first point of concern is the availability of petrol pumps at this highway. As we know Manali to Leh route is the ultimate challenge for bike riders. Petrol, the basic fuel for the road trip is a prized..

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